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perspective tool

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Hi and welcome. :)

There is no actual perspective tool, but if you'd like to create 3d Shapes, try the Shape3D plugin. It's pinned in the Plugins forum.

You can also use Rotate/Zoom tool (ctrl+alt+Z), to rotate the whole canvas. I hope I could help.

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can you show picture of what you are after? there likely is a solution and I'm just not understanding what you need.

also there was an older plugin called perspective helper. not too many people use it as far as I know . I sometimes use this one in drawing.

remember its a 2d drawing not a 3d render only 3d plugin is shape3d. there was another beta plugin that rendered flat image to torus and rotated. it was extremely slow, and memory hog. but did work rather well.

all depends on picture and what you wish to do.

upload your picture you have and an example of what you want to acheive.



PS like your latest video.

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Hey darkbob,

evanolds created a plugin a while back that's more similar to the "Perspective" tools offered by other graphics software options. It's called Octagonal/Quad Reshape/Matte, and lets you either skew or crop to a region defined by 4 or 8 freeform points. It's in his plugin pack (third one down the list for the description and screenshots), which can be found here:


Give it a look and see if that's more like what you're needing.

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I'm a little late with this suggestion :oops: , but have a look at the camera lens distortion correction plugin: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=21624

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