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how can i make this black strip?

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Looks like a rounded rectangle, plus a subtle gradient fill top to bottom then apply something like BoltBaits bevel selection.

The final step would be overlaying another rounded rectangle with just the outline (no fill) drawn.

I'm not at a copy of PDN at the moments so no specific steps I'm afraid.

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the problem I still have since I have been using paint.Net is whenever I make any image having rounded corner it come with an annoying crumple. I have few plug-ins to smoothen the rounded corner but none of them worked so far.

due to all this, I always afraid of making such images. may be, I dont know how to use those plug-ins.

hope to get some help from you

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There is this thread (ignore the title and read the contents) viewtopic.php?p=112972#p112972. Helio's post will lead you to alpha masking tutorials by CMD. These are excellent!!

Then there are these plugins that might help:

Rounded Rectangle - Dan9298

Rounded Rectangle - Curtis' plugin pack

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I downloaded the plug-in radiusFillCorners.dll, as per its requirement I also had to install .Net Framework 3.5, but it is not working anyway.

when I select the rounded corner image and start this plug-in to fill its corners, it display only a blank progress bar, and nothing happenes.

when I tried to see the preview there was an error message.

I also read this post


but, I cant find any tool like Level Adjustment in paint.Net3.36 as what described in the 4th step of this tutorial.

where I can find it?

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ok, but in that way I dont have any control on colors. For example, If I choose any color at first that is to be maintained till the end.

In that thread, the color is black and it doesn't create any problem but when I choose some different color like at the above(add pane) and adjusted the levels I got the color changed.

Is there any way to keep the same color whatever we chooses at first?

I think using radiusFillCorners plug-in will be better, but I cant understand why it is not working in my system.

may be I am using it in a wrong way.

please give an example, or tell me some steps. Or may be the file is corrupted at the place where I had downloaded it from, then please give me the correct link

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Well, I've been AWOL for a while, and I just moved to a new computer, so I'm rocking a completely stock PDN setup right now - just installed again the other day, no third-party plugins at all. This is what I came up with:


The hardest part about replicating this is the background rectangle with the rounded corners. The radius of the Rounded Rectangle tool itself was a little too big here, so I created a regular Rectangle, cut off a 5px by 5px square at one of the corners with the Rectangle Select tool, used the Ellipse tool to draw a 10px by 10px circle to fill in the gap, and copied that corner around to the others.

For this job, full-on Masking is an unnecessarily arduous task. The easiest way is to just duplicate the layer with the rounded fill, adjust the Brightness / Contrast as needed, and fade it out with the Gradient tool in Transparency mode (change :AllColorChannels: to :AlphaChannel: in the toolbar) with Alpha Blending active (default, indicated by :NormalBlending: icon on toolbar).

For instance, to create the subtle fade on the background that stops halfway, I duplicated the black layer, inverted the colors, used the Rectangle Select tool to select the bottom half and delete it, used the Gradient Tool in Transparency mode to fade out the top (start at the bottom and drag up to the top with the gradient), and dropped the layer opacity in the Layer Properties dialog.

The front bit is just a regular Rectangle with a gradient fill and a fade highlight, so that's a deal less tricky.

If you'd like to take a look at the PDN, you can download that here: Black "Toggle" Bar PDN

If you'd like more specific repro steps, don't hesitate to ask.

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