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Forum Suggestion: Plugin request list thread

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There are many plugin authors who are unsure what plugins users are looking for, so I suggest a thread that would list all current plugin requests that have not been written yet to make life easier for such authors. The thread would not replace users starting new threads for requests but would simply list each one with a link to the thread.

When a plugin has been written for one of the requests it would be placed in tags and the plugin thread linked to.

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I think that's a pretty good idea, although you may want to consider everyone posting their original plugin requests in said thread. If you were to link to other threads, we would have to have some kind of "mini-moderator" just for this thread to go and hunt for all the threads that are plugin requests, and then cross them out when they've been created. Posting requests here would solve that problem, and maybe you could have an "index" on the first post.

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...so two developers don't do the same thing. :)

I don't see that as a bad thing. Many plugins have been reworked by a different developer who has different ideas from the original author.

I think this idea still has merit though, it lets developers know who to bounce ideas off.

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