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Multiple Cloud Effects - How Do I Do?

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Hi everyone,

For my school assessment I'm going to be making this 'front novel cover' and I have the design of how I would like it to look. Here is a picture of the basics.


Now for the sky. I would like to have a sunset-ty sort of cloud effect, and the grass to have a blacky/green cloud effect. BUT I'm not sure how to do this, or if it is even possible. So please please help me, I'm fairly new to PDN.

Also, the road, sun and mountain bit. If you have any ideas of how I can make them look more realistic. Let me know too

Thanks in Advance :)

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do it in layers.

use this as you background layer. wand the sky area

add a transparent layer

:AddNewLayer: set the colors you wish for the cloud area on the color wheel


go back down to the background layer wand the mountain area

apply the effect you wish here. personally if you are not too familiar with the program an easy one would be to just under effects> noise set the color down to 0

for the green grass

on the bottom layer your original picture wand on portion of the green grass hold your control key down and wand the other portion. add a new layer. do you effect you've chosen for the grass on that new layer. (hint check out the tut section for ASH's tut on grass/fur)

The black road just leave it as it is.

that's a real simplified version of doing a picture. Truly suggest you check and try a number of the tuts out. Even if they don't relate to this picture they will help you become familiar with what all this program can do and maybe provide inspiration.



PS just also thought of the tut ASH did I beleive its called sunset that should be great for your sky. a bit more than just effects>clouds.

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clik the paintbucket

now look along the top see it says tool and picture of your paintbucket

look over to the right there is a spot that says tolerance 50%

just run your cursor from the right to the left and see it goes down to 0%

since your picture is solid colors just set it at 0%

this is an interactive tool done by wither that you really should watch. answers basics like this along with many other newbie questions. Really I think you should watch it, its wonderfully done for new paint.net users.



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THANKS A LOT GUYS. This is what I have so far.


Now. Is there anything I can do with the sun? maybe like have the sun light across the rest of it, like a sunset sort of thing.

Note: (I cant use the sunset tut for this)

Edit: the Novel is "Guitar Highway Rose" and I was thinking of adding a picture in but I can't cut out the background of it and I'm not sure how I could add it in without making it look stupid and out of place. Is there anything else I could add in to make it look like.. realistic and like a good novel cover.

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Place your sun on a separate layer and apply zoom blur to get the "rays" effect :wink:

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