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  1. I recently updated to the latest paint.net version (4.0.10 (Final 4.10.6033.29846). I love the new overscroll feature, but one thing that annoys me very much is the behaviour of the zoom tool. Before when I zoomed in and out, it always centered on the place where I clicked. But now the image just jumps all over the place when zooming in or out. This behaviour is mostly noticeable with small images. For example I have an 50px by 50px image centered on the screen with zoom level 100%. I left click on the center of the image to zoom in on the center. Suddenly the picture is now at the top left of
  2. Yes, in my case the images, or their folder weren't deleted. However the work I did on them wasn't saved either. The image file was still the same as before, unchanged. Also when paint.net crashed I did got the paint.net crash dialog.
  3. I wish I could, I have tried to reproduce this, but so far no luck. What I basically did was: I opened a .png image I opened a .pdn image where I copied a whole layer (with a grid). I added a new layer I pasted the grid there. I worked on it for a few hours. Mostly have been using the pencil tool. Sometimes the color picker, line tool, move selected pixels (copy pasting), and zoom tool. Most of the time I hide the grid layer, and while trying to save, the grid layer was hidden too. I probably used the pencil tool last, however it might also have been the line tool, move selected pixels, or th
  4. For some reason my paint.net crashed while I was trying to save my work. The image I was working on had 2 layers. After I requested to save it. It asked me for the quality, and then whether I wanted to flatten my layers. Until this point everything looked fine and normal to me. I then clicked on 'Flatten' and immediately it crashed. After restarting paint.net I found out my work was not saved . Is there anyway to recover my work? I have included the crash log. If you need any further information to investigate this bug, please let me know. Edit: I can't attach the crash log, so I paste
  5. I have no idea what it has to do with my nickname :?
  6. CD Player, I dont like iTunes Layers or Plugins?
  7. It's a handmade avatar. Everything is done with the pencil . And the AA can indeed be a bit better. Anyway: 8/10 I like the skull.
  8. Some pixelart I made with PDN: It is released as GPL, made for http://www.themanaworld.org
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