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  1. Wait, whenever I insert a picture on each layer and save em to .agif and scave it as .apng it says error.
  2. Watch this without laughing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZwV7uvUajg
  3. A while ago I got the .gif file saver, but I don't know how to work it. A tutorial said I had to put .agif on each layer... But it failed. Can someone please tell me what Im suppose to do in order to make an animation picture?
  4. I had some fools over my house for dinner from school. I notice them, and they looked like dimwitted donkeys. Our desert serving in our house was chocolet cake. As soon as my mother told me that, I had the idea that would over dose them. Exlax. The chocolet wonder that will slide out your leavings... Big time. I inserted them into the chocolet cake similar to this one Then wham! 12 minutes later they went shoop da whoop in my toilet A brief argument with the fool's mother, but yet, that was just epic.
  5. You have to have a creative mind in order to make somethings like that. Nice job. I got a mental question. What color do you see when you look at the number 6?
  6. An original signature for this hacking site forum. Any questions? Make em' brief.
  7. Of course I didn't make that. Its too epic. Imma firin meh lazer... SHOOP DA WHOOP
  8. Yup, I only showed that because I love SHOOP DA WHOOP.
  9. About some of these are old, most of them are new on different forums, and about a few are just pwnage of work art. Requested A really old one. Requested background(Sorry)
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