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  1. to stop time (and go back and forward in time) like in Heroes !
  2. http://bimbambanana.dk/index.php?side=s ... 8glefinder it can maybe help u...
  3. good idea.. never tried making a art work, in to strokes or 3,4,5...
  4. Hmm.. yeah i could, but i dosent think My outcomes are as good, as my render/stock outcomes :S
  5. i hate using google, and photobucket exc. cause i really lack inspiration at the moment, so i dont know hat to search for... if i search for "Forum Signature Renders" the result is way too broad...
  6. my username story... (kinda simple) i didnt want to use my counterstrike name so i typed in S, then i typed in hox. and then i searched the internet, if anything else got the name "shox"... i found out that Nike got a shoe called Shox... so i used my brain cell, as much as i could... and i changed the O, to an 0 !! and there u have it the story of my username "Sh0x" !!
  7. (its going off topic :shock) ... but i consider stocks, cheating, cause its with background (not transperant)... if u guys get me?!?!
  8. no, cant get further from this, can you (TPBM) ? ( :_D its a self solving question xD)
  9. hate that, on monday we are going to use all our deutchs lessons and danish lessons, going trough it ... (allways wanted to use this smiley, didnt know it was called "mrgreen" !)
  10. hmm.. some times i mix u guys up xD if u know what i mean... (maybe this is going off topic.. xD) (allways wanted to use that smiley )
  11. what about SuperFerd, u guys got the same style
  12. who is gonna battle em :shock:
  13. nanananananaa.. (oh damn it) Here u Go, Free.Mason. the proud winner of my first Transformer Signature ;D... I dont think the avatar came out as i wanted :? but the sig i think went really well. (the text dosent fit, so if u wanted without it its in the "hide box" !) Hidden Content: Edit: Free.Mason i would be glad if u could make an awsome signature (like all the other signatures, u have made ) to me... !!! .. if some one want a sig, just post some request and ill try to make one.. (i do this cause i really lack inspiration, at the moment need ideas for my new sig xD)
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