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Real Car -> Toy Car conversion.

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yours is a lot better than mine, but why stop at cars. Humans, monkeys, penguins.

Edit: A genetically altered mini-monkey, then a regular monkey then a genetically altered super tall monkey







searched on google to get these pics and they are by mongabay.com (can't violate a copywright)

Hahaha mini monkey wasa good idea...I cant wait to give this tutorial a try for myself

Edit: ok heres mine!


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Hey, im sorry but i dont get it how you can resize the selected spots, which you have cut, and what do you do with them at the same time when you cut others. Maybe because thats because my english isn´t the best, but could someone explain it. Confused

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Use the Rectangle Select :RectangleSelectTool: tool to highlight the required area. You can use the Move selection :MoveSelectionTool: tool for accuracy after making a basic selection. This will just resize the selected area without affecting any of the original image.

Once you've selected the area you require switch to the Move Selected Pixels :MoveTool: tool and grab one of the nubs (left-click with the mouse, hold and drag). There should be 8 nubs - 4 in each of the corners of the selected area and 4 top, bottom and each of the sides.

Grab one of the side nubs and when you drag it will compress the selected area.

Once the area is squashed to the size you require, move the cursor to the centre of the selected area and left click to drag the whole area so you can position it correctly again.

Hope this helps.



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If you've got an image with a (relatively) plain background you can squash the pieces of the car, then stretch the edges.


Just select the pieces at each edge and expand them instead of contracting.


You'll end up with the same size of picture, but the car'll be smaller.



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cant you just use resize and turn off maintain ascpect ratio and just change the width?

yeah, the tires will be squished but sometimes it will look quite good

Of course you could simply do that, but (IMHO) you get better results if you keep the wheels the original size and squash the rest of the car.

Take a look at the example below - on the left I squashed the entire car and on the right I followed the rules of this tut. I think you can see the different results is produces. One just looks like a squashed picture, the other (by keeping the wheels perfectly round) has the look of a toy car; mainly because the wheels now look over-sized for the rest of the body.


The method explained here is only a suggestion; feel free to experiment with different methods of alteration and post your results here.

As you will see from earlier posts; some users have taken to altering other vehicles, animals and even people. Just have fun with it.

Thanks -CJ.



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