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  1. Its the lead guitarist from slipknot.. It might have a bit too much white from the gradient and transparnt thing...
  2. @Paint Boy Ehh i deleted it. It just came out not looking a whole lot like a box, I never went back to see what happened to it.
  3. That brush set looks great, but didnt work for me either..
  4. Dude mine looks so bad and soo messed up im not even going to post it. I went terribly wrong somewhere.
  5. i had a problem with it, i downloaded it and extracted it from the zipped folder and put it in the effects folder and (if it wast already there) gave me the frosted glass effect Edit: Never mind i fixed that
  6. ohh i see... well thank you. i think ill trying to get a clip that i want and try that later
  7. That is a clip from a TV show. I know there is a tutorial on making animated things but i have no idea how to do that. I just want to know if you can use paint.net do stuff like that (take a clip from a TV episode and make it looped like that.) If you can, it would be great if someone could point me in the direction to how or post a tutorial link that shows me how. If i cant then can someone just say how you do?
  8. Hahaha mini monkey wasa good idea...I cant wait to give this tutorial a try for myself Edit: ok heres mine!
  9. Ahh thank you very much barkbark00 and Mattblack Lamb for the quick response.
  10. Ok, so your probably thinking i need help actually making one. Well i happened to manage that on my own, but i cant get it to appear. I dont know why...anyone have this problem/have solutions?
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