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Real Car -> Toy Car conversion.

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Would love to be able to do this.

Started out with Paint then downloaded 'Gravity' only then it wouldn't open for me.

Warning box appears stating:

'This image type is not recognised, and cannot be opened'

Any ideas???????????

First of all, you said "Started out with Paint". I assume you mean Paint.NET, and not MS Paint?

'Gravity' is an effect plugin, you don't open it with Paint.NET. Once downloaded copy the .dll file to the Paint.NET effects folder, usually found at c:program files/paint.net/effects. If you have any problems, take a look at BoltBait's tutorial on installing plugins.

Open Paint.NET and open your chosen picture (either from a saved location, or copy/paste from a browser search). Then follow the tutorial steps - the last step is to apply the 'Gravity' plugin by accessing Effects>Distort>Gravity.

Hope this helps.



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I'm from Russia and i can't good english speaking (i make much errors). This is my result:


Bentley Queen


Chrysler (I don't now name of this car, if you now it, write it me on 1221788_216x59.jpg)

And more. I with my friends make a russian web-site about PaintNet. We have by this time design and several translated tutors. This tut in russian is here. With my screens)))

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Now, switch to the Move Selected Pixels tool and, selecting one of the middle points, contract the size of the selected shape by 50% (so, if your selection is 100px wide, squash it to 50px)

I don't understand how to do that.

This is what my car turns out to look like.

Please tell me what I'm doing wrong.



My Attempt:


Started Paint.net on Sunday, December 21, 2008


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