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  1. apperantly, i somehow created an image sequence in paint.NET. I don't know if this shoul be possible but, i'll post what happened. i was making a laser consisting from 2 different images, so i first opened paint.NET, and drew the lazer. then i pressed "new" for an empty thing, and so i still had the other laser as reference for the second one. so i drew the second laser, then i went to the first one, saved as lazer.png, then did he same with the other one, and saved as lazer2.png. now, i opened flash, and wanted to import one of the lazer parts, and it said it was part of an image sequence. I was like wth? when did this happen?. so now i just want to know if this is normal to happen in paint.NET if you save 2 images as .png? or whatever. (should i post the 2 laser.png files too?)
  2. hey thanks but, the part about twistz didn't seem to work excactly right, mainly because.... it didn't twist O.o i have no idea why it didn't but, the tutorial's still great :o
  3. i sort of tried, i kinda used a lot of blurs and a jitter effect. i still cant get it just right though especially the thing where the lazer starts, mind helping out a bit? :o
  4. i saw that >_>, but i still dont know where the heck i should start to make that laza ^^
  5. yes i know that one, but that doesnt give the big OMGROFLWTFLAZOR~! effect i want ^^ but the laser the guy above made is pretty awesome
  6. oh yeah man, i love that lazer! could you make a small tutorial for that?
  7. woops :oops: didn't notice the spelling errors in my thread guess im too used to using the z in LAZOR! and i already saw the light saber one, but it just doesnt have the huge laser effect i want ^^
  8. as in, the shoop da woop lazers? like this one i know this one is done in photoshop, but could someone make a paint.NET tutorial for it? i already tried searching for lazer, but nothing came up X_X
  9. thought i might have a go at it ^^ i inverted the colors, and added a glow on my name
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