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A circle of shapes

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I've been trying to make a flag using paint.NET and my design requires a circle of 37 stars, something like the early american flags, but with more stars . I am, unsurprisingly, unable to find anything on the internet, so I have resorted to making it myself. My question is: Is there any plugin to make circles out of shapes?

Thank you in advance!

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If you are looking to make a circle of stars you can use the circle text plugin and use the star symbol 37 times. You can copy the symbol here ★, or just search "star symbol" on google and copy it there.

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You can also use the Windows Character Map and search for a star symbol in your Wingdings or Dingbats character sets.
Just Select(x37), Copy, from the Character Map and Paste into the plugin that BoltBait suggested.



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Hello @rykko20 another way could be done like this:



Use the plugin 'Which Symbol Plus' to find your first star, add it to a new layer.


which-symbol.png     < Clickable >


Then use the plugin Trail  -  do your first trail on a new layer and then just hit "repeat" to fill the page.


trail.png  <  Clickable  >


Align your stars center.


Align-stars-center.png   <  Clickable  >


Then use Polar transformation to make the circle.


Polar-Transformation.png   < Clickable  >




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