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Distressed effect with blending?

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I'm not new to PDN but I'm not an expert, so I apologize if this question is completely amateur and basic. It also means I don't know the exact proper terminology, so bear with me.


So I'm trying to get a distressed/weathered/eroded look on an regular image/font but with transparency. 

I'm attempting to use an image, a transparent texture overlay, and a background to achieve this look: 


(I created this example with a really time-consuming, tedious, roundabout janky-< no swearing > method -- I'm just seeing if there's a trick to doing this that I'm not aware of???)



1. Background = solid color  (in the example below, the red background)

2. Layer 2 = image or font  (in the example, a silhouette of a crown)

3. Layer 3 = texture .png  (in the example, a distressed overlay, but it could also be paint splatter, scuff marks, other textures, etc.)

4. IS IT POSSIBLE TO blend the layers together somehow so that the texture is "subtracted" (?) from the image and leaves the background color showing through where the texture was?


OR in other words,  how would you go about creating an image like the one above?


Again, sorry if this is a "duh" question, but I appreciate your patience and help.

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Not possible using blend modes alone. Very possible using Alpha Mask or something similar e.g. Isolate Black/WhitePaste Alpha or Alpha Map (there are many options in this space - pick any you like).


Q: Why not color the texture the same as the background? Then it would work as you wish (unless you also want to change the background regularly).

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If you need to use specific grunge textures, then @Ego Eram Reputo's suggestion to use the Alpha Mask plugin works best. 

If however the grunge pattern (or "distress") does not have to be specific, you can try @toe_head2001's Rubber Stamp plugin that works on any "object", including text.



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Or, if I haven't got this wrong, you could use a crown image that already has 'holes/transparent areas" and use this plugin to get your texture.  Be sure to change the plugin to check the box - check this to use on image instead of font.





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