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Morphing / cramming an cutout into a defined shape..

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I have an odd request.

I've defined a shape with the selection tool.



I would like to now paste an item into this shape and a plugin resizes and shapes the item weirdly to fit.

I know it's an odd request.

Here see this cartoon.



That is a similar shape to the item I've highlighted in image 1,  make that squish in?  I could rotate it and it would very weirdly morph as I spin it.

Does this make sense?


In a more simpler sense, if I had a perfect square box and put inside a circle, the circle would be 'pulled into the shape' of a box.      

Is this possible?  I imagine there's some practical uses, although I want to use it for comical effect.









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There is nothing "out of the box" that is going to automate this for you. It's going to be a manual process.


I'd start using the rectangle select tool :RectangleSelectTool:and the Move tool :MoveTool: to get the second image close. Then I'd use the Liquify plugin to distort the image until it fits the first.

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You can sort of do that with Paste Warp+, but not with the exact selection you have. If you rotate the image from which the selection is made so the the pestle is horizontal or vertical, you may perhaps be able to achieve something like what you want.


You could also try TR's Morpher plugin, though I'm not sure it's very well suited to what you're trying to do.


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