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I'm releasing version 1.1.0.


The changes:

I fixed a tiling problem that sometimes resulted in cracks between the tiles.

I added Bulge controls to compress or expand the center of the image.

I rearranged the controls, grouping the horizontal and vertical controls.

I increased the Distortion range to beyond 1, which is sometimes useful when the image size is reduced.



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Thanks for this very useful effect.
I just want to mention that there is a difference in the result from the result offered by the original plugin posted by TR.
Maybe I don't know how to use this plugin correctly?


This difference can be seen below:


Here is the project I'm working on.
I try to copy layer 6 and then I use Paste Warp+ .




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I've come across a problem where it acts weirdly towards the bottom of a non-rectangular selection. I've attached an image. I've changed the clipboard to be the same shape I am trying to use PasteWarp+ on and a rectangle, and neither fixes the problem. Please help!



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I am struggling with what I'm supposed to do in what order -- I have the letters I want "warped" in separate layers, and I have the shape(s) I'd like them warped to in another, and I perceive that I'm supposed to box/select one or the other to the clipboard, but it doesn't seem to do what I want no matter what I select first. What am I missing? Can someone be VERY specific, like I'm in kindergarten, as to do THIS and then press THAT and then paste another thing or WHATEVER?


It does seem like this is the correct add-in to make a letter follow the shape of an object. But I'm just not smart enough to accomplish it without a lot more in the way of direction.



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