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  1. Well I appreciate the responses - I was saving the file correctly, re-created the issue on the test PC. However, you're right, it seems Adobe Acrobat will try to strip out the white on a transparent JPG and make a total mess of it all. I then made a non transparent, black on white signature and it worked a treat. Problem with that is, our solution requires a single file for users, for both MS Word and Adobe, not that this is the fault of Paint.NET - so we may need to continue with the current solution of ImageMagik or perhaps I could add a single, white pixel to a transparent signature, giving Adobe /something/ to strip out, so it doesn't ruin the rest of the PNG. Either way solution found - thanks so much guys. Sorry I didn't test deeper, been very busy with more work coming in with Corona virus. Good luck.
  2. Ok fair call - this is a work build - perhaps my Paint.NET is out of date or Adobe - I'll try re-creating it on a spare VM here.
  3. I'm a little annoyed by this reply but so be it, no big deal I'm not completely stupid - did anyone here *actually try what I said*? I'm definitely saving as PNG file. I am saving in Auto-Detect mode Yes you can see the transparency in the save as dialogue box. The results are identical. (yes, I screwed up discussing transparent JPG - ignore that at this point) The resulting file, from Paint.NET, continues to be entirely incompatible with Adobe Acrobat. So can someone else recreate / test?
  4. I've been singing the praise of this app for a long time. I tried making some transparent PNGs to be imported into Adobe Acrobat to use as signatures for our staff (Covid19 and all, working from home, etc etc) When I import a transparent JPG, made by Paint.NET it works fine. https://i.imgur.com/gn0VLgf.png When I import a transparent PNG made by Paint.NET I get this https://i.imgur.com/DpRzEyZ.png Normally I'd point my finger, straight at Adobe, not Paint.NET - but some other crappy dos based package my boss found has worked flawlessly at creating a transparent PNG. (Converts a JPG, into a transparent PNG and the resulting PNG, works fine in Acrobat) So what's the deal, is Adobe requiring a malformed PNG which ImageMagick complies with some weirdo bug or is Paint.NET not quite forming a perfect transparent PNG? (again, traditionally, I'd defer to Paint.NET always bein correct) All 3 files attached for your own testing. (I can produce the 3 files if it will help)
  5. Hey all, I tend to take a heap of screenshots for documentation and then just dump them into Paint.NET I have a heap of memory, it generally is very very rare that it will crash. I realise I should save, it's entirely my fault- but now and then I might get power loss (or in the case this week, some idiot unplugging my computer to test my power points...) None the less, curious if the application could write out say ~tempfile01.pdn ~tempfile02.pdn ~tempfile03.pdn and what have you, depending on how many files you have open? This may exist, but I've never seen it before? Be nice even if it just wrote every 10 minutes (!) Any thoughts on this?
  6. Thanks gents, I will take a peek at both of these. For some reason I thought it wouldn't be (too hard) to do.
  7. I have an odd request. I've defined a shape with the selection tool. https://imgur.com/3mPsFDd I would like to now paste an item into this shape and a plugin resizes and shapes the item weirdly to fit. I know it's an odd request. Here see this cartoon. https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-image-cartoon-person-image12066721 That is a similar shape to the item I've highlighted in image 1, make that squish in? I could rotate it and it would very weirdly morph as I spin it. Does this make sense? In a more simpler sense, if I had a perfect square box and put inside a circle, the circle would be 'pulled into the shape' of a box. Is this possible? I imagine there's some practical uses, although I want to use it for comical effect.
  8. Hello, I've been using this app for ages, quite happy with it. I feel like one of the weaker functions is the rotate / zoom tool. I can click the small 'ball' and drag it - but it's particularly aggressive in how it moves. I want it on a perfect horizontal plane, just make the left size of the image 'zoom out' (get smaller) and the right side of the image get larger - and I'd like to do it in very fine increments and DEAD even - no up or down tilt, I've managed to line that up right. How can I do this? because apparently I need to manipulate not 1 but 2 numbers (??) the second one down and the 3'rd one down. Sorry to be critical, it's a great app but this particular function is not ideal to work with.
  9. I want something similar to Prisma or Painnt (I just installed this from the Windows store, cool but app has bugs) Is there a filter for Paint.net which will do this stuff? Prisma can produce stuff like this https://kt-media-knowtechie.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/prisma-app.jpg https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRWWjo2PKSrgwyBqribnjCs8-Br_0eBClTtLSplMk0W7lCVgVIo Painnt can do similar etc https://software.thaiware.com/upload_misc/software/2017_01/images/12913_170117101856mR.jpg Prisma requires talking back to a server and ios, that's awful and Painnt wants a sub, which I guess would be fine if it wasn't so buggy. Is there either an alterntive app or a plugin for Paint.NET that comes close?
  10. CTRL-SHIFT-G would act same as CTRL-H CTRL-SHIFT-H would act same as CTRL-G Is it redundant? yes. Is it standard to reverse some procedures with shift, yep. I definitely don't think it would work "better" than what's there if you removed the G option, I'm simply suggesting reversing feature as standard. If you had a hotkey which was just "shrink image 25%" as CTRL-I, I would expect that CTRL-SHIFT-I would enlarge image 25% It's simply the standard, if you don't want to add it, that's fine. I miss the rotate menu in PSP5 unfortunately, I found it faster to work with, hence trying to improve rotation in P.N
  11. I'm not suggesting a custom key, I'm suggesting that it be added officially.
  12. I've asked for a few things and sadly been shot down. CTRL H = Rotate. Love to rotate the opposite direction, simply by holding SHIFT (the Windows standard,.... ALT-TAB vs ALT-SHIFT-TAB CTRL-F6 vs CTRL-SHIFT-F6 (Firefox:) CTRL-TAB vs CTRL-SHIFT-TAB) ..... That's pretty much it. Thanks
  13. Sorry I have no idea how to use that? I wish i could import it into Red ochres plugin, because it's (mostly) really nice. How do I use your code?
  14. Hi, I don't know how to explain this in graphics people talk Say I have an area highlighted in an image which contains a gradient of colour, example very light green, light green, green, dark green, very dark green I want to be able to click on this section and deepen the colour so the lightest is no longer 'very light green' but simply, light green -> ending at very *very* dark green Does this make sense. Is this easy? I imagine there's probably multiple methods, what woudl be the best.
  15. The translucent edges are definitely a problem, if they could be nixxed I'd super super appreciate it!
  16. I've found messing with the size of the cuboid and the quantity comes close to what I want but it's a bit fiddly - a 'lock' button to force it to always produce single colour pixels and consistent spacing would be nice, regardless of cuboid count. Regardless it's very good, thank you.
  17. Here's an Apple and the best I could produce from it. http://imgur.com/a/dzBbH It's not got 100% square pixels and the spacing between them isn't a uniform colour Make no mistake, your plugin is fantastic but not quite doing what I'm after - I'll try it regardless mind you, but I was hoping to produce very very low total colour content images.
  18. This is pretty much what I'm after! Thank you. EDIT: actually how do I make them all identical in size and a single colour ONLY?
  19. Hey Eli, That's actually a pretty good result, it just needs to have some kind of code which enforces each 'pixel' MUST be a single colour and that perhaps the 'gap' grid line over the pixels is a tiny bit larger (perhaps 2 pixels) Did you just make that?
  20. Hi is there a plugin which will do this specific pixelization effect? Note the spacing in the pixels which has been achieved - pixelising in itself I imagine is probably easy but that whole 'snap to grid' conformity is good plus the pixels have a small 1 pixel spacing between them. Thoughts? Thanks.
  21. I know how you feel about usability. I used paint shop pro 5 for over a decade, I came over to using this but I still use PSP5 for stuff. I still miss CTRL-DEL to actually delete the file I'm looking at (with confirmation) - I asked here but got shot down. Considering Rick appears to be a very graphics heavy person with his knowledge, it's a miracle this is as easy to use as it is.
  22. Hello, Straight forward question. When I type up my block of text to drop in to something, I'd love a hotkey or button which I can press to just cycle through next font, next font, next font, next font, and so on. I can manually click up the top but it's multiple clicks to cycle through the font I am using. I would imagine this is possible and maybe I just don't know how to do it, does anyone know? Thank you all.
  23. That's what I was doing but they had a tilted head which I needed to work with Tilted like / \ kinda thing, I needed the centre of the face to be at least perfectly vertical, until I knew I could solve my problem.
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