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I am unable to best clear background

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Hi  at all
1)I am unable to clear best a difficult background especially near the hair  and face.

2)into the some image there are also many rows on the face that is dirty.


Image is this:


Are there some one that can help me please?
Thank you very much

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Its a bit tedious but I use line/curve tool width approxametly set '1' for every '100' image height (image, 'for example' 1000 x 1000, brush = 10), choose white color. go around your image carefully. Once around, set width to '4', go around again,. For more, set width  to '2'. I said its tedious!!

Set 'Magic wand' at low enough tolerance so as not to 'select/highlight' any of your image & delete the white. 

Use 'lasso select to remove remaining 'everything else' around your image.

I rarely 'save' images, I 'save as' & add "n" to the name & always save as PNG or PDN file. (n = new) (for me)

CTRL - A & copy this image,

Select your 'new' background,

'Ad new layer',


You can move your image around on your background to where ever you like.

'Save As' & change name (add another letter/number) to save.

Hope this makes sense, , , ,



'Where's my plinth?'

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My method: Eraser to manually clearing the edges around the object, than magic wand tool, tolerance 60% to select all the stuff around for deleting, then AA's Assistant and Tweak Transparency 2 for finetuning.





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3 hours ago, jomla said:

beautyfull and rows into face?


You're going to lose detail, but try Effect > Blurs > Surface Blur






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