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  1. Does anybody recognize this font? Is it included in PDN's fonts?
  2. Retired now, but I was a "grade-checker", the one who set up control for the bulldozer drivers/excavators/other equipment operators, maybe you've noticed on large construction projects wooden lathes with colored ribbons on them? My job. Diff colors = diff numbers (in feet), , , , -c- I also ran the machines but prefered bein' on the ground!
  3. When I just logged on I got this page: https://forums.getpaint.net/?&_fromLogin=1 I cant find "unread posts", my personal settings, I cant even log off! What gives??
  4. He's a midget & can only reach the '7' button! (sometimes he's not alone in the elevator & they push the '10' button for him!!)
  5. He's a midget & can omnly reavh the '7' button! (sometimes he's not alone in the elevator & they push the '10' button for him!!)
  6. The original version!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3CvRC4fAmk
  7. Just a question, what if its an internal sata hdd? ie: E:\ (after D:\ = cdrom)? -corne-
  8. Seein' as we're on a Star Trek run, , , , ,
  9. Here they blocked restrooms, & brought in two 'porta-potties', so, you can go to the bathroom but you cant wash your hands. Big improvement !!??
  10. When resizing images, do the dimensions make any difference to the resulting size of the new image? Example: 5729x7354 'pixels' resized from 5729 p to 1000 p, as opposed to say 5000p to 1000 p. I mostly scale to 16-9 = 1600 - 900, 1778 - 1000, etc. 5729x7354 scaled to height = 900, width = 701, reset width (701) to 1600, = 16-9 Hope this question makes sense, , , , , -corne-
  11. Three brothers, 94, 93, & 92 yrs old live together. 94 has filled the tub, puts his foot in the water & pauses, Am I getting in or out of the tub? he shouts. 93 says I'll come up & see. ½ way up the stairs he pauses & shouts, Am I going up the stairs or down? 92 thinks, I sure hope I'm never gonna be as absent-minded as those 2 clowns, 'knock on wood for luck!' He shouts, I'll come up and help you 2 out after I go see whos at the door, , , , ,
  12. Watching a british series "Patrick Melrose", I'm on the 5th (& last) episode. Its like 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas', but mainly in England & France, little bit in NYC. British black humor at its best. Not for everyone, , , , , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrick_Melrose_(TV_series)
  13. Can you view/see the complete portion of what you want on your computers screen? (use ctrl + or -). Use/hit 'Print-Scrn', in PNet, 'paste', tool = rectangular select, copy, new, paste, save as "", walla! I save lots of 'cartoons' & many do not allow 'save image as', sooo, print scrn, (I have pdn arise from the depths with 'on my computer' = F8), paste etc, etc, , ,
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