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So, I was working on a OS speed art in PDN, then all of the gui just turned into red crosses, and PDN stops, so I have to Ctrl-alt-delete to get to task manager, then end the task. I don't have multiple projects open in the background, and I only have Spotify open with PDN, (both download from web editions.) Help!

System details:

windows edition: windows 10 Home

Version: 1607

Installed RAM: 2.00GB (1.87GB Usable)

System name: LINX1020

System type: 32-bit  operating system, x64 based processor

(P.S Grammarly would not work today so Don't go crazy telling me about errors.)


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Only 2GB of RAM?! Yikes. What's your memory usage look like in the Task Manager?

I suspect it's at capacity. Your page file is probably getting hammered too.

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If your UI turns into red crosses, you need to save and quit IMMEDIATELY.


Red crosses means it's running into errors internally just trying to load UI icons and is staving off a crash that should've happened earlier but will still happen soon.


And yes, 32-bit is bad. You should reinstall a 64-bit version of Windows, and get more than 2GB of RAM.

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