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Need help with layers

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Hi all,


Hoping experience users can help with what is likely a simple issue.   I need to use multiple layers to create final images.  However cannot seem to figure out how to keep all images in the same aspect ratio and size so all line up on a display with horizontal lines all being the same scale.   What I need to do is compile a large series of graphics of bat calls and the Y-axis of the image has a frequency scale and the X-axis.


No matter how I seem to cut/copy a section from one image and past to the "master" as layers I cannot get the horizontal the lines do not match before flattening down or merging.


Eons ago I was able to do this in PhotoShop w/o an issue.   A simple paste of layers w/o need for exact alignment is straightforward but not useful for my task.


Examples are the attached image files with a "Blank background"  and a sample call graphic I need to extract a small section of each call graphic to paste into the background as a layer, then continue with other call graphics (Eptbra & Eptfur examples attached) that are at different frequency levels.  The needed results will have a number of different extracted call sections all on the same background and placed exactly on the horizontal (frequency) line that can be used for comparison.   This simple example has 2 calls buytI will likely want to add 4 or more.  This will be a repetitive task for me and I may need to create > 50  of these for many different groups of calls.


Any assistance/suggestions will be appreciated.




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Well...I have a couple of ideas to start. Do you have a blank master copy? If so, maybe you can start by duplicating that layer as many times as you need. For the frequencies..paste into new layer is causing a problem?


I guess when I have a situation like that I just copy/cut it, then immediately hit "paste" or "paste into new layer" to keep it straight.


Incidentally, your project sounds fascinating! Do you study bats?



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Use ONE layer as the background with the lines on it.


Every added element (i.e. the calls) gets a new layer to itself. Toggle the  visibility of the call layers leaving the background (lines) visible at the bottom of the layer stack.

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Not sure here, , , take original (first) image & add new layer, paste/draw? 'whatever it is you want - bat calls' to image, Ctrl A - copy - New - ok - Paste. Now Ctrl A - Copy - New - ok - Paste. Save as (Ctrl shift A) give it a name,  this should be only 'whatever it is you want' at the same aspect ratio as the original (first) file. Go back to original & delete layer, do same thing with all new 'bat calls' graphics. You can copy/paste 'em up (with new layer for each)


My thought process is a bit unorthodox/convoluted, I hope this makes sense, , , , ,


Would take a while to show with graphics, I could if you want, , , ,



'Where's my plinth?'

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