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Idea - Note textbox feature for Paint.NET

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I know one can just type in Paint.NET to make sort of note, but I'm more of thinking about a textbox where you can type in notes without intrusive layers or having to use notepad. It'll make it easier for users of other programs to convert from their respective file format to .pdn to get similar effects, and sharing templates with instructions will allow users to replicate styles of other images.

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There are multiple text-formation plugins by Author dpy. You should put text always in a new layer.


dpy Circle Text Writes text into a circle, or on an angle. dpy's Pack

dpy Rotate Text Write text to the canvas at an angle. The dll named RotateTextSUI.dll is enhanced for larger displays. dpy's Pack

dpy Speech Bubble Write speech bubbles and text directly to the canvas. dpy's Pack

dpy Spiral Text ver 1.2 Writes text on a spiral. dpy's Pack

dpy Text+ Render text specifying line spacing, location, direction, color and font pitch. Useful for when you need precise placement of text.

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3 minutes ago, Reptillian said:

I'm talking about having a textbox outside of the working space


Okay, I understand. I'd rather realising this in post production of the video (?) tutorial with the desired presentation software.

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Yup. ^^ Me too.


I particularly use the layer name space to describe fonts (size, name, italic, bold etc...). That way I can easily find the parameters to replace text if needed.

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