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Remove flash glare from eyes

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First you should change with "Hue/Saturation" (and Lightness) the look of the whole image.


Then select the eyes with Lasso Tool and play with Brightness/Contrast and after that again with Hue/Saturation.


My fast result:


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8 minutes ago, Wuvmy3kitties said:

...and the eyes still don't look right to me. 


Well, the image is problematic. Maybe it would a better idea to make another picture with different values for flash and so on. Maybe a tissue over the flash is enough.

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What I think I'd do (and have done in the past) is:


Add a new layer.

For the left eye, use the Shape tool to draw a filled black circle for the pupil.

Use the Paintbrush to add a white-dot highlight.

On the same layer, copy-and-paste the left pupil to make the right pixel.

Apply a small (about 2-pixel) Gaussian blur.

Use the Brightness/Contrast Adjustment to make the pupil color grayer, so it looks more natural.

If a pupil goes above the upper eyelid, carefully erase that portion with a soft Eraser.

Perhaps set the Opacity of the layer to about 220, so it blends better.


That seems to me to work better than red-eye removers.

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