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Eyeshine (animal red-eye) removal

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This plugin removes animal eyeshine from photos caused by direct flash.

Download here

Recommended workflow:

1) Use color picker :ColorPicker: to spot the color to be fixed.

2) Make a circle selection :EllipseSelectTool: around eye pupil (a little larger than pupil size). Work only with one eye at a time, as there is usually color variations between them and it is harder to find proper settings for both eyes together.

3) Start the „Eyeshine Removal“ plugin from Effects > Photo.

4) Drag the color wheel controls until the shiny eye pupil is precisely covered with black/gray. Then drag around the Black Level, White Level and Smoothing controls to adjust black/white balance of the result.

Here are few examples:


I’m intrerested in your feedback, especially how it works in full size photos (I didn’t have many full resolution photos to try out myself).

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Hey Tanel, 'greeneye' has always been a problem with our pet photos.

I've tried it out on a few photos and it has worked well.

Thanks a lot.

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