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trying to draw after selecting

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I have had a problem with selecting something with lasso or rectangle does not matter all selections seem to not let me draw afterwords, is this a bug or am I being a dumb *** :)

I was just wondering as it sits now i have to save my work then restart it to continue drawng plz help its annoying the bloody potato out of me and slows down productivity!!! thx in advance to anyone who helps :mrgreen:

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When you select something, you can only draw/affect whatever is in the selection...
...and if you want to draw elsewhere, cof125, you will have to null the current selection. You can do this either by the menu command Edit > Deselect or by the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + D.
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Apologies in advance if this is a really stupid question ... Quoting Myrddin with, "nulling selection - Edit>Deselect/ Ctrl D "

I've always pressed the Enter key on my keyboard when I'm finished drawing etc.

Is this 'bad practice' ? :?

Ctrl+D would be a better habit.

Enter and such is NOT.


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The only reason I use Esc is that other programs use the Esc key to deselect/void/finalise/etc. the object or process. Ctrl + D, on the other hand, either performs a completely different function or does nothing at all (for example, GIMP: duplicates the open image; Inkscape: duplicates the selected object; Firefox: bookmarks the page).

It is also easier for me to sweep my left hand up and around my keyboard to reach the key which lies on the uppermost left corner.

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[...] Im curious because I always use it, it seems to do the same thing as Ctrl + D, is there something I'm missing? :shock: :o

Well, I can think of one... follow my math:

[Enter] + :TextTool: = ¶

[Enter] + :TextTool: ≠ :Deselect:

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