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Saving file to a specific format an colour (color) space - JPG RGB/CMYK

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Is it possible to tell what colour space a file has be saved in using Paint.Net?

Is it possible to save to a specific file type and colour space, i.e. JPG and RGB, or JPG and CMYK?


I assume the default file save for JPG is in RGB, but would like to be sure. I think there might even be other colour space option as well, such as grey scale etc. 




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Paint.net only deals in the RGB color space. It doesn't do CYMK.

Your default saving options are listed here: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/FileMenu.html under "Save"

For other file types, have a look at the current list of supported file types here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/15260-plugin-index/#entry252432 (I don't recall any that do embedded color profiles beyond variants of RGBA).

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I'd say it depends on if you have a quality printer or not. If you have some cheap $30 HP printer, you may not want it to handle the color profile.


If you disable the color profile, the printed colors will look slightly different than what you see on screen.


So, try handled by the system (the software?) first.

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Thanks for the feedback guys, certainly useful. What I really wanted to know (I suppose) is, is it actually possible to tell the colour space that is in use why a saved JPEG? If Paint.Net only operates in RGB, and only saves in RGB, then that great to know, and perhaps determining what a specific file type is saved as is a job for another application. If anyone know what could be used, without the expense of Photoshop, I would be grateful.

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I don't know if this plugin is relevant for you or not but may be worth a look.
(I haven't tried it yet and know next to nothing about colour profiles.)


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In my latest project, the print house has asked for a high resolution PDF.


I made an A3 sized image (11.7 x 16.5 inches) @ 300DPI (3510 x 4950 pixels) and saved it as a PDF with this plugin: Im(age)PDF. Worked brilliantly and no complaints from the printer.

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