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  1. Thank you John. I am working on some creations and hope to post them asap :) x Leanne. (aka nitenurse)

  2. Thank you John. I am working on some creations and hope to post them asap :) x Leanne. (aka nitenurse)

  3. Hi Red.

    Your plugin pack is amazing, thank you for adding me to your friends. keep up your good work :)


  4. Hello Ahmed, Glad to see you've started with codelab ! - (I haven't had time to test your plugin yet I'm afraid). If I understand you correctly, then I think the problem is ... you should be giving each version, of each plugin, a unique name and menu name, in the 'create dll' save dialog. PDN will get very confused if you have 2 plugins with exactly the same name. Although they should have different version numbers. Personally I name them ... exampleplugin1a, exampleplugin1b, exampleplugin1c, etc. for example. Then when I publish, I make the title nice and simple. You can write the title
  5. Hello 'penguin625', There are 2 plugins which I know of that can do this. 1. Boltbait's transparency plugin - in his pack (and is found under Adjustments) - good for simply changing the transparency. 2. My 'Tweak transparency' plugin, in my pack (under effects/transparency) - complicated to use, but can change the transparency and the shading of a selection in many ways, based upon comparing the blurred values to the original ones. - That's probably as clear as mud! If you look in EEr's plugin index you should be able to find links to both.
  6. That's what I thought it should do - perhaps it's just my eyes - color is very subjective (dependent on the adjoining colors). So, if, lets say a 'cream' coloured pixel is selected it should change to a high value neutral grey, say B= G = R = 200 ish. And then change the rest of the picture by the ratio that caused that change? I don't think P.S is doing that - but I could well be wrong - I often am Edit - YES - I am wrong - both yours and PS do what they should - just my perception of the colors!
  7. Xhin - I really like the one at the top of the page - your 'new' style looks good too - Art Deco feel. Here's an Escher inspired piece of nonsense - all pdn - no pencils were harmed
  8. Nice work! - and thanks for showing the code too 1. The UI is great allowing both methods of selection and color change on the fly. 2. It appears to behave pretty much the same behavior as the PS elements version I've got - which I guess is the idea. 3. I'm a bit confused with the elements version anyway. - it says to select an area you wish to become white, grey or black - but it doesn't actually do this (still leaves a slight color caste)? Still, it's what people used to P.S. will be expecting. Personally I prefer tinkering around with curves - but that is a lot more time consuming. Th
  9. A very long shot:- have you checked that the original has been deleted from the camera's SD card? - just a thought.
  10. May I suggest (only an idea), - that instead of the double vector UI, you could simply let the user set the primary color using the ink dropper tool. And use that as the selected 'white' value? It would be more logical to use the secondary color though - but that may mean you'd have to write a 'black balance' version too! Only a suggestion - (it would make the 'white' selection more accurate). - I know how much work can be involved, even starting from an apparently simple idea. But I think it could be useful plugin.
  11. Thank you all, for the positive reaction . - really appreciated. 'Squirkle', - Pdnnoob got it - I thought Squirkle is more 'quirky', and phonetically more logical than squircle. I'd been reading a book by Alex Bellos called 'Alex's adventures in numberland', that descibes how the French mathematician Gabriel Lame, in 1818, started experimenting with values of the exponents in the circle formula. You know "the sum of the 2 squares equals the square hippopotamus" . If the exponent is 1 it's a diamond, 2 is a circle, 2.5 was named a 'superellipse' by Piet Hein (Danish Architect), and as the ex
  12. Just tried it - looks similar to the elements idea. You find it under Effects/Photo by the way (if you couldn't - like me!). - Good idea - I think it would be (is) useful. Let's hope it helps 'scoostraw'.
  13. This will render 'squirkle' shapes eg. from rounded lozenge through circle to square. It is different from 'rounded rectangle' as there is curvature in the 'flat' sides. Probably best to see the screenshot below! With a range of line and background colours, including transparent, it should be useful for frames, buttons and vignettes. Now in the updated Red ochre plugin pack I have changed the default shape setting to circle, because I found it more convenient! (the .dll is only available in the pack now, the updated version now has the same name as the original version. The first version
  14. Thanks Welshblue, I like using zoomblur for shadows as it picks up a bit of the object colour - like the reflections you get in shadows. However the light sources are a bit all over the place - the original reason for putting the peach in was to cover up the dodgy join between 2 photos re: Stranglers - They're still going - saw them last year - good gig too.
  15. Here goes : 1. Hot head (psychocolour with some flames added) - I didn't really sit in the oven! 2. Peach Beach ('Stranglers' fan) 3. Faux snow 1 (simply duplicated the layer then embossed then changed blend type to difference - sadly doesn't work for every image). 4. same bigger 5. same image but can't remember what I did - could have been negation. It's just for fun
  16. Thanks for spotting that Barbieq25. Hopefully I've fixed it now. No idea why it broke, it is on the forum, so should be easy enough to find, if the link breaks again. Thanks for the positive feedback too
  17. Hello 'Wollemi', The composition tool will only really help by chopping off part of your image to make it 6:4 ratio - you will have to decide which part of your image to keep. Another way would be to distort the image by stretching or squashing it to fit - (which you may get away with on landscapes but faces would look strange). To do this use Image/ Resize (on the menu at the top ). Or you maybe able to combine both methods .. ie. crop a bit and squash a bit! There is a method called 'seam carving' that sounds like it may suit you ... but sadly, I don't think we have a plugin to do this
  18. Re 1 - You could possibly use my 'composition tool'. set the preset aspect ratio to 'as original', the size to 100%, grid type to none, and rotate using the slider or type the angle in. Re 4 - shapes - there are quite a few available in various plugins (see EER's index) - what pre-made shapes are you after?
  19. That's really impressive - must have taken ages! You've possibly lost some detail on the little girl's face and the stool by darkening the shadows, but considering the amount of wrinkles you've tidied up, that's a pretty good result!
  20. Hello BoltBait, I got exactly the error message - exactly the same circumstances. I assumed it was to do with PDN wanting to start automatically after the install and not displaying the admin status permissions window. Apart from the error message, it seems to have installed ok. - and works fine. While I'm here - thanks for the codelab tutorials - really well written.
  21. http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=8502 hopefully that's Pyrochild's splatter effect
  22. I've just added the 'Composition tool' to the pack and now it looks like this thread has had 1706 views and no downloads! (it was up to 481 earlier, honest!).
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