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  1. Sometime ago I read a post explaining which font download site is the preferred on for Paint.Net. Could some kind soul please remind me what the site is. I can remember one being preferred over others due to problems with installing and using fonts from certain sites. TIA
  2. Thanks for the replies. Everything is working fine again. Have been discussing a new PC recently.
  3. I have v3.5.11 (Final Release build 3.511.4977.23443) on Vista Home Premium PC. Using it tonight for about one hour until I tried to save an image. At that point it crashed. I got a message informing of this and that a pdncrash.log had been placed on the desktop. See attached. Is this anything I should be worried about? Following the crash, I was unable to open any other program on my PC and had to shut it down via the power button. Everything seems to be working fine again now. In all the time I've been using Paint.net this is the only time I have had any problems.
  4. I am hoping someone can help. Is it possible to add an effect to this image which looks light stage lighting as used in concert with the image appearing behing the lighting?
  5. XP SP2. Have tried numerous times to install SP3 but for some reason it gets about 2/3rds through then encounters an error uninstalls itself and I'm back to the beginning again.
  6. Very nice. Definitely be giving this a try.
  7. D'oh! So it is. Errmm sorry for asking such a dumb question. Guess I should know where things are by now, seeing as I've been using Paint.net for 9 months now. I'll go and sit in a corner and think about what a fool I've made of my self, again. :oops:
  8. Very nice work indeed cjmcguinness. I also like the spacescapes. 11/10 to you both.
  9. Where in the Plug Ins forum can I find the polar inversion plug in? Had a look my self but my PC is being slow, again so it's taking ages to load up each page. Many thanks.
  10. Very nice and definitely one I'll be having a go at tomorrow as Torchwood has just started on tv. Back tomorrow after the Malaysian F1 qualifying.
  11. It's just happened again, and I only logged on 5 minutes ago!! :x
  12. Just spent a few minutes browsing through the Pictorium and have to say I am very impressed by what I've seen. Definitley given me a lot of ideas.
  13. 'Homer Simpson' strikes again! Why do I miss the absolutely blooming obvious. Maybe I should tick the 'Log me in automatically' box on my next visit. Thanks Panhead, that's twice you've come to my aid tonight.
  14. The only problem I'm having with Paint.NET is after I've worked through a tut and try to post a reply I keep being told I have to be logged in to do that. Does anyone else have this problem or can you offer a suggestion as to why I this keeps happening?
  15. D'oh! Sorry, just another of my Homer Simpson moments. :oops: I can't think why I said 'update' when it' clearly says *ALPHA* Think I'll wait for the full version.
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