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  1. And a fairly large variety of coloured orbs... But we can't forget the cake!
  2. Well, actually, I thought (and still think) that I did make it pretty clear.
  3. Well, props to that guy ^ for catching the ball... though I would hope he didn't have his eye on it... And I don't know where you're going with that joke... 30th is my band's gig, that's what I'm looking forward to. . My personal favourite:
  4. Well, if you can't take it, maybe you just shouldn't read this topic. Enough bickering. What do you guys think of this guitar?
  5. Actually, I would like to, just to annoy B00k W0rm. Speaking of B00k W0rm, I just plain don't like that song. Too light and fluffy. Needs more of a kick in it. And more distortion 3/10. But I'll give something else this time. I saw these guys perform live yesterday - they are absolutely awesome. Opshop - Pins & Needles (and I highly recommend buying their album, it is awesome. Check it out on iTunes). And no, I wasn't paid to say that.
  6. Well, yes, I know what being Rick-rolled is, it's just that I had seen the video, and when the title said 'RickRoll'D', I immediately expected that the video would be that exact one. So I wasn't actually RickRolled. Hence, I don't know why it was put there under the title 'RockRoll'D'.
  7. Although that guitar would be very good in photo shoots. @cazaron, Sorry if I sounded arrogant, it was meant more in a jokey sorta way.
  8. Well, with the iTunes store, there really isn't much point in running out to buy CD's any more. How can you not like those guys? And the only song you should like is ALL OF THEM!!!! I give Crossfire a 6.5/10. I'm not really into that genre. If you haven't already noticed. My song:
  9. You think that I'd actually put the effort into it? I don't think about those kinda things. pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicavolcanoconiosis. Okay, on with the funny!
  10. St1cki3 FTW!!! He definitely gets my vote.
  11. True... or be like my class and stay in at lunch eagerly watching the scores on my teacher's iPhone...
  12. I was looking on YouTube for MS Paint tutorials. But the main interface was different and I didn't think that the .NET on the end of 'How to _____ in Paint.NET' meant anything. Then, I realised that it was a completely different program. And I found the forums when I was looking for a certain tutorial... This one, my very first tutorial in PDN that I followed. http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/12182-real-car-toy-car-conversion/
  13. Ooooooooooooooooooo, that sucks. Like when the All Blacks lose to Australia. Wait, actually, they never have. Not that I can remember anyway. NZ pwns the Aussies. This isn't really making me angry, but more confused: NZ schools have changed the school terms to fit in with the Rugby World Cup 2011. It's strange that the government allows the schools to change the school term to fit in with a couple of sports games... I'm kinda confused...
  14. Rugby World Cup 2011 - You gotta be there. NEW ZEALAND'S GONNA PWN UP!!! GO ALL BLACKS!!!
  15. That looks cool, though I'd prefer it if there was a little more contrast in it. 8.5/10. BTW, I like your guitar...
  16. It's ridiculously AWESOME. Although I'm a drummer, not a guitarist, so I have no idea how practical it would be. And to me, it looks as though the higher frets would be impossible to reach, but aesthetically, IT IS AWESOME.
  17. I agree. It's better than the original. EDIT: Forgot to actually put the rating in -------------------> 8/10 Let's give the next person a choice, you can choose between rating either of these songs: Pass Out The Freestyler (Tinie Tempah vs Bomfunk MC's) OR
  18. Ohhhhh.... I thought you meant that it was better looking than the one I posted. Which is probably priced at a good 5-6k.
  19. NEW ZEALAND FTW!!! WE GONNA PWN! EDIT: Oops... Thought this was for the Rugby World Cup 2011. My bad.
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