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  1. I was bored so I decided to make a sig on my brother's pc. Rate + tips?
  2. It's a mix of 2 C4D renders but I edited them a little in PDN.
  3. Well, here it is, my first try at a wallpaper. I made this foer my fans and myself. (I'm DJ so just wanted to give a quik little thing to them I mix/produce tekstyle songs) Hope you like it. ^^
  4. Don't fool us, you just went out and took a picture of a wall with graffiti on it. Or didn't you? :blink:
  5. Enjoy my first gallery 100% made in paint.NET Most of the pics were made for an online browser game involving clans and stuff v1: v2: Comment & Rate please
  6. Awesome outcome, but I didn't understand half of what you said xD
  7. Nice one but I wouldn't have kept you from putting the ocapacity a little bit lower
  8. pic link is broken =S It says: The image or video has been moved or deleted
  9. Looks awesome :shock: But try to put it a little bit more onto the wall. Now it's coming a bit of the wall. Hard to explain :s Looks awesome tough
  10. Yep, I used to save my pics as .JPEG to but .PNG is much better quality!
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