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  1. ^ Good point. I've always wanted to learn to program. Not necessarily something too useful or anything, but something that could help build my knowledge a bit of how computers and programs work. But I have no idea where to even start. And considering I'm only 14, I'm kinda lost for thoughts on it. So, I thought some of the guys out in the PdN Forums might have been in my position before. Does anyone have any helpful tips?
  2. Me too, although I've got it in v. 3.5.8. Any ideas on solutions, anyone?
  3. When you set your alarm to go off early JUST so you can sleep in longer.
  4. Mah desktop: Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. Loving Dead Space 2. That is, during the parts when your heart isn't racing and you feel like screaming and running away from the computer. Especially when you enter a room and the lights in your actual room flicker and go out
  6. This is just incredible... I wish I could do this stuff:
  7. I have absolutely no idea... and it'd kinda suck with no modding ability...
  8. Man, I'd love to play Halo Reach... if only Bungie made it for PC as well... then I would
  9. Yeah, it took my mate 4 days to finish Single Player and in Co-Op it's taken us about 9 hours to almost finish it.
  10. Was that edited? That download speed's incredible... 55 times what my one was.
  11. I only just finished Portal 1... cuz that's all I could afford, and my neighbour has Portal 2 for XBox. I thought I was good at Portal. Until I found the advanced levels
  12. Ha! I love the sound effects when you fail... I recently found this game: http://www.flukedude.com/theimpossiblegame/ Quite addicting, also.
  13. Awesome! I'd love it to snow here... then again, it's cold enough where I am now...
  14. I reckon that's gonna be the next waffle thing. Waffle being... weird but insanely awesome. Kinda like doublerainbow guy. Anyone watch the Breakers vs Taipans game the other night?
  15. Looks awesome, but would someone please be able to point me to the Zoom Blur Deluxe and Diagonal Lines plugins? The links on the tut seem to be broken or out of date...
  16. I would say that a Mac Pro with a 12-core processor could handle it quite well.... but then again, I'm not too sure how good the graphics of it are. What does boot camp do the the computer's processing/graphics power?
  17. Next term I'm getting a 15" MacBook Pro - 2.0GHz Quad Core processor, 256mb GDDR5 HD Graphics, 4Gb RAM, 500Gb (plus a 296Gb external) Hard Drive... that sound good enough? (By the way, I will install Windows XP on it via BootCamp or Parallels Desktop, so I'll be able to run Windows programs and games). Although with the price it is at the moment, it's more likely I'll get Crysis 1.
  18. Your school? Really? Either your school is awesome or you're doing some seriously advanced physics lessons... By the way, does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should get? It's either Portal 2 (which, for the next 3 days, comes with Portal 1) or something like Crysis. (Or, can someone recommend me any good games?)
  19. I do hope this was not brought on by my previous post
  20. wen ur 1 of da peeps dat typs lyk dis on facebook (Jeez, I hate it when people do that)
  21. Monday. Every single thing that could have gone wrong...... went wrong.
  22. Yeah... I've been caught up with college too... my science teacher seems to really like giving my class heaps of homework. Like, a whole essay every single day. C'mon, we're 13 year-olds. That's gotta be almost a offence to give us that much!
  23. I'm getting a Macbook Pro in a couple of months If I install winXP from the disc I have (if it's legal... I think it is... even though I've installed it on my current, desktop, computer), will I be able to install/use PdN?
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