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  1. I just found a cure!!! This website is devoted to making those songs get out of your head. FINALLY! Click to get rid of the song!!!
  2. You weren't even within walking distance of me... FAIL.
  3. Well, you should start. EDIT:[That wasn't meant to be insulting, it just reminds me of what we get told by our teacher time and time again ]
  4. No, I'm going with it's the Chuck Norris one. Typical of him... I think he should be banned If that happened, my friends and I would laugh our heads off. Almost literally.
  5. Okay, I just couldn't resist putting this one on...
  6. *doesn't check thread, so ^ doesn't matter*
  7. That song's cool. I like how they built it up towards the end, and there were finally some drums. Unlike The Catalyst... 8/10.
  8. The 'D-man'? I'm the D-man? What the heck? And I don't need to get annoyed - I just don't check the thread and it doesn't matter. PWNED! TEE-HEE!
  9. Yup, you. I like cookies. But I love the orange '21st Century Fox'-like look to it.
  10. What's happening? [has anyone else noticed that this just seems to be coming to an 'end of the world' type scenario?]
  11. Did you draw that whole thing in MS Paint with a mouse? It's awesome! Though I think it needs a little gaussian blurring on the horn & a touch-up on... everything
  12. No, when I was at your place, I downloaded PDN for you and installed it. Then showed you how do make a couple of things... BTW, we're doing arguments for our topic at school, so this is schoolwork, not bickering
  13. Well, I'm not reading this much... I get enough from BW at school... However, I think this thread's a good idea. It will help to stop other threads (off-topic in particular) being spammed too much... BTW, my favourite word (inspired by you) is: Llamacorn!!! How awesome is that? Oh, and maybe we should share what these 'inside jokes' mean. Just a thought, but, y'know...
  14. Somehow, I just knew that the box would say that... Who was the one that convinced you to start using PDN? Moi.
  15. I have a feeling that this was made solely for B00k W0rm.
  16. You didn't tell me at school... typical... Anyway... Yea. People are going to stop... Whether there's a sign or not.
  17. Yeah, b00k W0rm, camerator and I are best friends. In fact, I was the one that inspired them to join the forum and start using PDN.
  18. Happy Birthday Pyro? I DON'T WANNA BE BANNED!!!
  19. How long do you think the posting from him'll last? I put it at 4 weeks.
  20. Yes, very much so... especially with Flip's before and after picture. No idea how that second picture came out of the first, though I'm kinda wondering if it's just the wrong link embedded into the post
  21. camerator,you changed your account name... why? It's pretty much exactly the same to what you previously had...
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