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  1. That must suck... but it'd be better than my old school - it took (literally) 10 minutes to log on. And the system was so out of date, it was built for windows 98. And we were meant to be doing awesome stuff for the school- using Photoshop with a monitor the size of an air conditioning unit. Not to mention Photoshop was 4 years out of date. I pleaded to get PdN on there, but apparently, it's too expensive... the ICT teacher obviously thought I didn't know anything about that stuff...
  2. Oh, it's so nice looking through this forum instead of Facebook... the grammar used on there... I just want to watch every single page and edit every single word on every single line... it's like the world has forgotten how to spell...
  3. Can't wait for Portal 2. Gonna be awesome
  4. I think I should hand over my 'Wrong end of a massive pwnage' award to you, barbieq25.
  5. I just drew a viking warrior (on paper, not pdn). Maybe try that.
  6. That my college says that for yrs 12 + 13 media studies, it is compulsory to have an Apple computer. But I have the winXP disc, so I guess I can use PdN and Steam on that... even though steam's on mac.
  7. I heard on the radio this morning that Christchurch is doing its best to keep beer on tap... priority win or city fail?
  8. I am guessing you don't have a wish? I'll do the Family Guy one again then. Family Guy is on... but you're driving home from wherever you are, so get home just in time to see the credits. I wish I could drive.
  9. And I hate Apple. And I just found out that for school, if I'm gonna be doing media studies, I NEED a MacBook. That sucks.
  10. At least you're okay... I've been watching the news on it all afternoon.... and am completely speechless at the damage done, to both buildings and people...
  11. 8/10. I LOVE the date thing. That is awesome. I find the picture a little too dark... maybe it's just my mood atm though... Windows XP FTW! Oh, I've put a little red arrow pointing towards a folder on the left, about half-way up the picture. If you can't see what it's called, it's titled, 'won't delete'. And that's because I can't delete a file in it, which seems to be an unrecognisable file that takes up 0 bytes. Does anyone know how I can get rid of it? It's been bugging me for a while now...
  12. I was (kinda) partying it up with mah friends in the nation's second biggest NYE party-town... Whangamata! (Yeah boy!)
  13. I actually quite liked that one. I'm not sure why, I just do. Yet I have a feeling that not many others would think of it the same way... 7 1/2. One of my favourite artists at the moment... I wish I could go to his concert in a couple of weeks... DEADMAU5! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GPuJZa_OJE
  14. How about my 6-8 weeks? ;DJust had to better someone
  15. Draw something random, with two colours, and then add a bunch of random effects to it and make notes of what you're doing, in case it turns out really awesome and we want to know how to do it
  16. I have no idea of even the basic rules or American Football. But yes, as EER said, the anthem was huge news all over the radio & TV here...
  17. Whoa. I can only solve up to a 4x4x4 cube. I thought that was good
  18. I just got a new PS2 for christmas, since my old one broke... but I am lovin' those Crash Bandicoot games! Oh, and I really like the Call of Duty games as well... though cuz of damn age restrictions I can't play half of them >
  19. Every single one of the comments you posted after the songs made me laugh... especially no. 6 XD
  20. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Zealand#International_rankings http://www.infoplease.com/toptens/leastcorruptcountries.html Yeah, it's terrible, isn't it; beautiful scenery, nice people, great food, awesome beaches, it sucks being here... No, I would actually love to be stuck here, there is no place anywhere in the world (and I mean that) that can match New Zealand. In any way. @Tarat, You have run out of money, so can't afford the flights to NZ. Or the 2011 Rugby World Cup. (Burn!) I wish for the year not to end.
  21. Whoa. That is confusing. And... well, that's kinda hard. 'Cuz it is summer. So... the beaches are closed due to shark infested waters. I wish the weather here in NZ was slightly more predictable/warmer.
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