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  1. NOOBz: 2 TheHowler: 0 @TheHowler - I like the right hand side of yours, but the text is a bit blurry, and the border + bacckground could do with a bit of work. @NOOBz - Really good use of colour, and the way you layed it out makes it look very appealing to the eye. You got to tell me how you made that.
  2. I cant choose between both, so I dont think i will vote. I love the concept and layout of Sfifer sig, but, I think that NOOBz sig flows better, and the colour use is outstanding.
  3. Wow, am i the only one that never uses stock images? Maybe i should start using them... @Kemaru I really like the black and white one. I just prefer it and think it looks more sleek.
  4. sweet as, ill enter mine. i resized a bit, to make it not that big. soz if it looks bad heres the link to the photobucket one http://i1228.photobucket.com/albums/ee441/balance_ash/BalancetechwithbigB.jpg
  5. Thing is, I would like a pen tool so you can make a stroke path. And if you tweek the settings you can get a really cool pen presure thing. Like the logo on this page that i made. http://likeablogs.weebly.com/ PDN would be awesome with a pen tool.
  6. thanks Did you make the whole thing or did you use a stock image? Oh, and i wanna add a sig. just a quick little project.
  7. @Schnicka Ok, the signiture I think, is a really nice use of the gradient blur. Epecially since the part that is unblured is the centre of attention. One of the problems i have though is that the text looks like its been blured aswell. Tell me if it hadn't. And if it has, i would've put the text on a new layer, and blured only the background. That way the text would stand out a bit more, because the rest is just a bit plain. And maybe a font that suits the splatter a bit more. Really good for a 3rd attempt though. The avatar, i think, suffers the same problem. Maybe you should have done a wh
  8. Ok, i had to make a invite card for my brother, we just wrote the details on the back and went with the first one. I like the black one tho... BTW the actuall pins and ball was a photo i found on google. I didn't make that, i did the text and the 10. Here i just edited a halo logo.
  9. I really like Chriscos sig because it looks like the guy is walking through a wall of fog or mist. Phantom Legioner, ii think that there is just a bit too much going on infront of the focal pont of the sig. chrisco97------------------2 PhantomLegioner---------0
  10. ok, i thought i would upload mine. i would love some feedback.
  11. The sig is pretty cool, is it all pdn or...
  12. That was acctually kinda the point. So you really have to look for it. The only problem i have with it is that the text isn't centered. do you know how to center text, like automatically
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