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  1. Wow, am i the only one that never uses stock images? Maybe i should start using them... @Kemaru I really like the black and white one. I just prefer it and think it looks more sleek.
  2. thanks Did you make the whole thing or did you use a stock image? Oh, and i wanna add a sig. just a quick little project.
  3. @Schnicka Ok, the signiture I think, is a really nice use of the gradient blur. Epecially since the part that is unblured is the centre of attention. One of the problems i have though is that the text looks like its been blured aswell. Tell me if it hadn't. And if it has, i would've put the text on a new layer, and blured only the background. That way the text would stand out a bit more, because the rest is just a bit plain. And maybe a font that suits the splatter a bit more. Really good for a 3rd attempt though. The avatar, i think, suffers the same problem. Maybe you should have done a wh
  4. ok, i thought i would upload mine. i would love some feedback.
  5. likes to play with his wii in the living room... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

  6. hey, How do you do the animate thing? This could prove very useful
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