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  1. Hey, since "Touchpads commonly operate by sensing the capacitance of a finger, or the capacitance between sensors. Capacitive sensors are laid out along the horizontal and vertical axis of the touchpad. The location of the finger is determined from the pattern of capacitance from these sensors. This is why they will not sense the tip of a pencil or even a finger in a glove. Moist and/or sweaty fingers can be problematic for those touchpads that rely on measuring the capacitance between the sensors", would it be possible to find an object or substance that could be used instead of buying a tablet? =S
  2. ^ Yes...to be specific, how to make those almost-vector images in PDN. < Is 13. V is...24 :O
  3. You're doin it wrong... >=[ You go: ^ person above is... < you are... V person below is...
  4. Yeah...rocketdock is what I meant... /selffacepalm then headdesk
  5. Awesome work! ^^ (but as a side note, abstract is NOT always lame! D:)
  6. I LOVE that stalactite one! O_O May I suggest adjusting the curves to get a more realistic effect as well as change the depth of the pic a bit? :oops: Anyways, let me say you're great
  7. Yes, whatever that is, I want it O-O Could it possibly be a skin for Stardock? :O
  8. wow that song is soooooooo old. Champagne Supernova- Oasis. You just HAD to say that song...now it's stuck in my head too D:
  9. ^ OLZ Yuha...D: < Is working on a GIF that takes 300 images to make D: V Has a pet.
  10. I don't care ~Apoctalyptica, off Worlds Collide feat. Three Days Grace
  11. Nobody rated mine! D: Um, I like flow's A LOT...9.79/10 All together ^^ Rate mine plz D:
  12. If you want to do, than a better thing for that would be Microsoft Excel or a free version of it.
  13. @pitos- That turned out a little blurry...maybe try it again?
  14. Mm, so you mean it would need to have a separate window like the smudge or custom brush plugins? :S
  15. Yeah, uh...practice, and I make money off my stuff So...it's apparently really good to be a nerd!
  16. ^Is an amazing artist at 15 years old. V Likes Dr. Pepper.
  17. Okay...does anyone know how to mod a psp with dual nubs? D:
  18. You know what, I take that back...I looked at it again, 9.4.. :S
  19. 8.5/10, for the reason that I really think it's a *tinytiny* bit too simple.... :S Although, I would love to know how all of you antialias these things so well D: The pics look sosharp! :O
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