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  1. They are all really good, Michael #2 and #3 in particular. I especially like number 2 though, it's all blocky and nice looking (I really can't put my thoughts into words )
  2. L4D based Avatar (cartoon) Hidden Content: Adding to my previous version of the L4D based Avatar I thought that it should have a cartoony touch put on it, i tried it a few times and this was the best version. It took about 20 minutes to make and came out pretty well I think. It's a bit different from pixel art and I'm liking it
  3. I took everyone's advice of rotating the pirates and text using that Ctrl+Alt+Z thing, it was surprisingly hard to use. It must just be me. I also extended the ladder a bit so that it will touch the roof, I accidentally measured from the base of the slant instead of the top of the slant if you get what I mean. Hidden Content: I also added: L4D Spray Hidden Content: It doesn't look so nice on white but it looks good when it's sprayed on a wall in L4D with alpha and all that. I think it suits me Avatar for friend Hidden Content: Made this for a fri
  4. I like those glossies, they remind me of badges you'd wear on your jacket collar. I don't know why I also really like that picture below "The Night Sky", it reminds me of my holidays in sunny places in Spain etc not rainy on United Kingdom I love all your work it's upbeat and happy
  5. Well I was going for something a bit different but the compliment is appreciated none the less :wink: Maybe if I made it a bit bigger so I could add some stubble, an eyepatch and a nasty scowl on his face it would be more successful
  6. Made this tonight, I haven't done any pixel art in about 2 weeks thanks to exams and technology coursework, but the coursework is out of the way so that's good. I only really do it when I feel like it, tonight was one of those nights Hidden Content: This little thing took me an hour to create, I had the pirate already done, I just removed his sword and put a pistol in then animated the different positions of his arm. Overall I am quite happy with it.
  7. Wow, those are very nice, I especially like this one: It's very strange and it's fantastically amazing, nice job!
  8. It was a hotel I staying in when in Scotland, the breakfast consisted of boiled sausages :? I made a new bit or pixel art: Hidden Content: This was just me messing with shapes fitting into other shapes and things like that, so I added some windows to it to make it into a skyscraper. I am not quite happy with it, something is missing or there is too much on it. Feel free to share opinions.
  9. Check out my new piece of pixel art Hidden Content: It's inspired by a cheap hotel I once stayed in.
  10. You'll definitely be getting more! I can't draw to save my life on paper but I can on a computer screen, tis strange. I'm working on a tower block at the minuter, I should be able to finish it tomorrow considering I am off for St Patricks day tomorrow.
  11. Why thank you, it's definitely not professional but it's nice to get complimented on art I have made. There will be more in the future, if I can think of what to draw next
  12. Hey everyone, I have been doing pixel art for a while, I started out in MS Paint and it was sketchy at most but I found this community which has a really good feel to it and of course Paint.NET. I have been following some of the tutorials etc and it has opened up the whole world of art to me, it's a mountain and a half times better than paint :wink: I drew all these with the bucket tool, line tool and the pencil tool, the ones in space took me about 6-8 hours each, it seems a bit extreme but I had to make sure it was perfect and I still don't think they are. -----------------------Pixel
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