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  1. If you have a photobucket account you can upload it to http://www.PhotoBucket.com You could also use http://www.tinypic.com or http://www.imageshack.us Then just use the embeed codes that they give you or to be more simple just add the url of the image in between the tags.
  2. I like this one Thanks for the Sticky! Happy Holidays all.
  3. wow, that looks great! Did you add anything or do anything different?
  4. This is a very easy effect, I'm new this is my first post, I'm sorry if this is too simple of a tutorial. I'm sorry if this has already been posted 1. Start By Choosing an image I did a Google search and found this flower and since i like flowers and they are easy to test on i choose it. Sorry of the large size. 2. Choose the Magic wand tool 3. I usually turn the tolerance down a bit, 50% Will select too much on most images (I used 27% for the flower) 4. Select all of the area of the image that you want to stay color 5. Copy that area and paste it into
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