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  1. Juraiko1324

    The <off topic> thread

    Sorry sir, thought that was what the filter's for
  2. Juraiko1324

    The <off topic> thread

    Wish there was a REOMPA I learned how to do Daft Hands....the whole thing...I can't listen to that .... anymore
  3. Juraiko1324

    The <off topic> thread

    I love old Amiga/Nintendo/Genesis music. The only reason I know about it is because I know someone who used a keygen *cough* and the music was sweet as.
  4. Juraiko1324

    Post Your Desktop Thread

    Myyearbook, lol. My gf made me sign up, it's like myspace but with spam.
  5. Juraiko1324

    The Sanctuary

    Turducken! This is going to be a good thanksgiving.
  6. Juraiko1324

    Post Your Desktop Thread

    Hidden Content: Made the bg myself. On my DA if you want it Just did a complete overhaul today.
  7. Juraiko1324

    The Sanctuary

    I've was in the middle of episode 7 when the movie came on TV. I love it
  8. Juraiko1324

    Image Umbrella: Signatures, Avatars, Logos & Text

    This took me a long time. (Converted it from a photoshop tut, a complicated one at that) Hidden Content: Kayte is my girlfriend, btw.
  9. Juraiko1324

    The Sanctuary

    I just watched Serenity for the first time. ....*speechless*
  10. Juraiko1324

    The <off topic> thread

    Yes and that's fine and all...but imagine if he could play a DS WITHOUT glasses! And squinting! (seriously, that guy is squinting pretty hard. I hope he doesn't hurt himself.)
  11. Juraiko1324

    The <off topic> thread

    Yeah, I saw that on IGN a while back. Honestly, I don't get it. As far as I'm aware, the resolution is the same as the DS/DSi, so it'll likely be more pixelated thanks to the larger pixel grid. Secondly, what's the point of intentionally making a portable device larger? ........................................^
  12. Juraiko1324

    The <off topic> thread

    How the hell do you run windows on an iPod? *googles* ...wow, that's cool.
  13. Juraiko1324

    The <off topic> thread

    Yeah, same. Considering I'm 14 it's kind of weird. :? On another note...just switched to ubuntu (well, if you can call triple booting Windows 7/Windows Vista/Ubuntu switching), and I love it. Sucks that I can't use PDN, though...but I still have windows, so I can just boot into that when I need to use it. Gimp gets the job done though.
  14. Juraiko1324

    Rants *enter at own risk*

    Rant: The site being down.