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  1. :shock: Nice. amazing work man. Write a tutorial plz!
  2. ^ Yes...but only if you do so with mine! < Feels sad... V Will look at my art as well! >=]
  3. Wah. :'( I tried man...but...I'm not that good >.> Soz...
  4. ... /headdesk I'm sorry, I've been staying up till 5 AM daily talkin to friends in aussie...I'm tired Thank you lots! ^^
  5. Well, first, you might want to make sure that there are NO remnants of the PDN files left... =/
  6. Argh ><...feel stupid, soory D: Yeah, I really think those things we all recommended will work the best. Good luck! ^^
  7. ^ Yes, I do! ^^ I love neon colors. < Wants to be in a better mood. V Lives in the United States.
  8. ^ Rrriiiigggggghhhhhhttttttttttt... < Likes Sapporo. V Has to go to bed.
  9. ^ Is being pretty unsooth atm. < Is in eighth grade. V Is a bad artist.
  10. IM, cause it's free. Skype or Mobile?
  11. EDIT: Yea, sorry...I'm in a bad mood as of late, that's no excuse though.
  12. μαριονέτα... Angel food or Devil food?
  13. ^ BAI! (I enjoy you posting her as well, just fyi. ^^) < Wishes that I knew what it ♪ feeeeels like looovin' someoooone ♪ Look at my DA, I'm not that ugly! D: V Will eat again tonight.
  14. A Job fixing Gates. Philosophical or Metaphorical? (you are?)
  15. Just. Buy. Photoshop. If you want to spend the money of course. You can always find "friends" who will share photoshop with you as well ^^
  16. ^ I stay up until 5 AM every morning talking to Aussies. < Is dazed and confused. VWill not post before me plz...
  17. Bored... We aren't really spamming the Overflow right now either. We're posting in it correctly, per my understanding GODDAMN IT STOP POSTING BEFORE ME
  18. ^ Excuse me? At least I post in capitals and use correct grammar. (Is 13) < Likes to study linguistics. V Will post before I'm done posting. EDIT: Grrr! >=[
  19. ^ Yes. I am right now, as a matter of fact! (For a good laugh go to http://www.youtube.com/user/stupidgsa) < Wants his friend to come onto Messenger already. V Is eating something.
  20. ...you shouldn't be posting on these forums. o.o I posted in this thread...
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