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  1. (800x600 max dude ><") I really like that though.
  2. Pretty nice. the splatter-like strokes could use a duplicate layer, Gaussian blur, move layer down treatment...=) I like how it goes of the border, and how you did the text. 9/10. Is mine better yet? =D
  3. 9/10, looks a lot better with anti aliased disks. Rate current.
  5. GLOBAL WARMING IS A MYTH! (Grr...*shifty*) :twisted: Granted, but you wish for a nice looking chick with long legs, and you get an ostrich. the ostrich proceeds to eat you. I wish that I could experience being sliced in half by a catamaran while drowning.
  6. Winterfest, you're good. How long have you been using PDN and designing in general? I like that new pic! =D
  7. Updated; Added video tut for my grunge heart piece! GRUNGE HEART VIDEO TUTORIAL
  8. I made a video tutorial for my Takes Heart pic (above) here.
  9. I've been listening to Escape the Fates' new album, This War is Ours, on repeat for the last 5 hours. Screamo on repeat for 5 hours=migrane.
  10. -,- Yes, 100% PDN, background was a photo though, of parchment. Heart was done by a friend which I then edited into that with splatter custom brushes.
  11. No, longest running is Meet the Press, at 61 seasons.
  12. Probably better without that, haha... "Meaning is lost in the pain" I've been listening to Escape the Fate on repeat for 4 hours, sorry. -.-
  13. Ah...that made me sad... Might add that one of my best friends is in Iraq... New title...
  14. Let's just make an...outlet, if you will, a topic to make you appreciate what you have in life... I'll start. N'awwww...
  15. http://www.lolcatbible.com/index.php?title=Main_Page U spr3d teh wurd NAO!
  16. nawz dewd, 1337speek is teh 3PIC hax0r...
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