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  1. Hi! Yesterday I've upgraded to Paint.NET 3.5.1. But I can't use it 'cause everytime I get this error: There was an unhandled error and Paint.NET must be closed. Refer to the 'pdncrash.log', wich has been placed on your desktop, for more information. It happens when I move the image or when I paste it, I don't know if other things can cause this error. In the pdncrash.log file I've attached there is the plugins list I'm using, but they work perfectly if don't move the image with the move tool. My OS is Windows Seven Professional RTM X64 Does anyone know why does this happen ? maybe
  2. OK, now I understand. Anyhow, I would like it as I posted up, in my opinion there would be much usable space than actually is with the flying windows. Bye!
  3. Sorry david.atwell, I can't understand you (because of the word 'awful' that has much meanings). So, do you agree with me ?
  4. Yeah, i know this would be great, this is why i posted this suggestion. I hope this would be considered by the Paint.NET developers
  5. Hi everybody! New user here but 1 and a half year user of Paint.NET. I hope you'll understand my english grammar because i'm from Italy and I learnt english at school. So, I'm here because i have some suggestions for future versions of Paint.NET. It's a beautiful program, has a lot of plug-ins created by Paint.NET's community (Thankyou). The only thing i don't like in it is, it has flying windows. I want to ask you if is possible to have in future Paint.NET versions the flying windows but when dragging them to the left/right side to make them become Side-Panels. I made an example image (Ar
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