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  1. Woman by Wolfmother Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon by Neil Diamond
  2. You didn't make the cow then? I'm going to have to rerate in that case: 4/10, sorry I don't but try looking here. PdN always is.
  3. Just something I threw together using your cow picture, perhaps it's an improvement?
  4. Compliments mean a lot to me, especially from such a great artist as yourself.
  5. The first one: Love it! Good effects and good use of the Smudge plugin. 8/10 The second one: Yeah, it's good but basic. 6/10 The third one: I like it, but I don't love it, seems pretty basic to me. Maybe some other effects added would help. 7/10 The fourth one: I'm not such a fan of this one but it's OK. 6/10 The fifth one: Yeah, again too basic for me. 5/10 The sixth one: Good one! Did you create the lens flares yourself? If you did 8/10, if not 7/10. The seventh one: I like it. Good colour scheme, they all match up. 6.5/10 The eighth one: A bit random, but whatever. 5/10 The ninth on
  6. Nobody else is posting, so: here's one, I know it's missing something but what could I add?
  7. haha, thanks a lot New image in Uncategorised section! I want your opinion, is it a pain having to click through to the images or is that ok?
  8. That game doesn't take that long to download does it? Some games do! I had the same thing happen to me, on my Xbox 360. What happened was I was downloading the full game of GTA: SA overnight but when I got up in the morning, the download had been cancelled manually. My brother says it wasn't him, but I'm not so sure. Rant: Have you ever had a friend who was too... clingy? Well, I do, he spent far too much time at my house today, he just gets annoying easily.
  9. New stuff: Tell me what you think of these pictures.
  10. Was that directed at my signature with the buttons, which I have just removed for now?
  11. What was I thinking, in my sleep deprived state? I could never leave the forums. True. Again, true So guys, I'm back after leaving not even an hour ago, how pathetic am i?
  12. The past few pages of this thread sadden me, I have read the entire argument and I feel really upset that the mods could argue like that. That said, I must announce my departure, perhaps not forever but certainly until I see everyone getting on again. Goodbye. For the record, I'm not doing this for sympathy. Really.
  13. Sorry, I've got a lot of sigs, so I didn't realise that one was done from a tutorial, sorry. Fair mark then. TPBM rate SkullSplitter
  14. I like it, but the renders look too, slapped on to the background, I like the blurring but the colour change from the middle to the edges if far too obvious for me. I'll give it: 7/10 Rate this:
  15. The render looks great and I love what you've done with the border: 8.5/10 Rate my current.
  16. Was that directed at me? If it was, on the site I provided you don't need to register just enter a name.
  17. You get more friends on dA but the only reason they became your friend was so that they could insult you whenever they liked! I wished I had £1 for everytime I blinked.
  18. Oh, sorry. Really simple (in a good way), crisp, clear and I really like the glass(?) effect in the middle: 9/10
  19. You die after being struck by lightening but God thinks, you're such a good person, he sends you back to Earth again. I wish I was the best at everything.
  20. Could HTML code be possible like this: casinos chat Or this: casinos chat If not, go to this website for Paint.NET chat: http://www.99chats.com/room_14780
  21. Your life is meaningless. Whoops..... Neither have I, do you get them in the UK?
  22. the chance that your buttered toast falls on the carpet with the buttered side down is directly proportional to how long your nose hairs are. i know you're not (blank) but you are very (blank), you have to admit.
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