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  1. On second thought... I'll just wait for a better Word Art Plugin that doesn't involve Monetary Business. Because I'm flat broke.
  2. But how am I supposed to get rid of the fotoveiw website address watermark and only just show the text I want to show?
  3. This is a good plug-in... But... There is a upside and downside to it. Upside: I can finally shape text and outline it to any format I want. Downside: If by watermark, do you mean fotoveiw website address thingy? And if this is a free trial, how long will it last? Either way, it's good, but if I were to give it a 10/10, that watermark thingy has to go. But if not, then it's sliced down to 2/10. This will have to do until someone can make a better Word Art plug-in that isn't a free trial version.
  4. Ok. I'll give it a try. But I will return to this one for extra help.
  5. That... might be a problem. I dunno who created those plug-ins.
  6. I have a plug-in request. I wanted to try to make an arch text, so I happen to get plugins from here: <a site that completely ignores the rights of plugin authors - EER> So far, I tried the Circle Text Formation, but it didn't work so well. Even Tube Effect won't even work. Whoever created the Circle, Rotate and Spiral Text Plug-Ins, can I please talk to him or her? I wanna talk to him/her about making a Arch Text Formation Plug In.
  7. Well, it didn't came with it. If there's a way I can find it, I'd be very happy.
  8. 1.) I don't have any money. 2.) Where can I find pyrochild.effects.common.dll? 3.) I have Paint.NET v3.5 and the version PC I'm using is Windows Vista.
  9. I can't get the Gradient Mapping Plug-In To Work. Everytime I use the Gradient Mapping Plug-In and try to add some colors, it tells me there was an unhandled error and shuts down on me! Do you have any explinations for this?
  10. How To Install Plugins Thanks. But I got that covered. But do you know what kind of plug ins that you have that can allow you to make text boxes, only make one of the letters/numbers/symbols have only one color, and allow you to change the shape of the text like in Adobe Photoshop and like in Word Art in Microsoft Word?
  11. Thanks, man. That solves my outline problems. But now there's only one problem left: I don't suppose you have any plug ins that can allow you to change the shape of your text like the Word Art Shape Tool like in Microsoft Word. Don't call me Ricky. 3.5 is just taking longer than expected. There are substantial improvements to performance and stability. You can go check out the alpha in the Paint.NET v3.5 Preview Center part of the forum. It's ok. I can wait. I'm just making a useful suggestion for Paint.NET. BTW, does anyone know how to install plug ins to Paint.NET?
  12. Well I believe there are two outline plug-ins. One uses your primary color as the color of your border and the other lets you use the color's name or Hex Code. So yes, you can use any color you want. :wink: They also let you adjust the strength of the border and it's width. Can you show me the download link to the plug in?
  13. Let's just say you can use the Drop Shadow plug-in to give your text a shadow or use the outline plug-in to give your text an outline. There are even ways to make your text have a gradient without any plug-ins. It's just not a built-in feature. Can I make the outline any color I want?
  14. Well you can use certain plug-ins as an effect on your text, but I don't think there are any plug-ins yet the target in depth text editing. Example?
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