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  1. Well, it looks great. If you need any help in the future with the design / development feel free to contact me.
  2. The design is really well done. Is that your work? Also, I am curious as to why it isn't being hosted on a CMS. A rarity for online magazines.
  3. Hello. I am using Paint.NET v3.5.10. This was an odd crash, because before it crashed Paint.NET seemed to have 'lost' half of its effects and adjustments. I say half because while a good many of my installed plugins were still available, an equal number simply disappeared from the context menus. I tried to click on Help after this happened and Paint.NET finally locked up and closed. Crash log:
  4. How often would one want to make a selection of (n x 5) vs (n x 5) + 1? I can't claim to have done any research on the matter, but I know from personal experience that I am targeting a multiple of five way more often than I am targeting anything in between. This certainly isn't a suggestion made off of a whimsy, but one made after quite some time with the software. I think I would prefer even sets over odd sets if you don't like skipping a digit, going from 2,4,6,8,10,... instead of 1,3,5,7,9,... Now obviously you can't tailor the software to my personal preference, but I just don't think I am the only one finding myself targeting multiples of five over odd digits. This also seems like a problem that most people wouldn't know they had, one way or another.
  5. This is just a suggestion to increase productivity and usability with the selection tool. When a large image is zoomed out and you create a selection, obviously not every mouse increment can correspond to increasing or decreasing the width or height by a single pixel. But this can cause some problems. For example, if I am viewing an image at just 50%, the selection will increment or decrement by 2px starting at 1px, leading each increment to be an odd number. For those working in design, this can be somewhat frustrating especially when trying to create selections 300x200, or some other even number. To remedy this, I suggest snapping these selections to increments of five. So instead of the with going 235,237,239,241 it would go 235,237,240,241. That way you hit every single multiple of five and ten. I know my explanation of this problem is pretty poor, but it really is hard to describe this little problem. Thanks, Mike
  6. This bug has occurred for me every time I cut an image from a layer, create a new layer, change its name, and then paste the image. It says that I don't have an image on the clipboard. I haven't tried to confirm this under other conditions. v3.5.8
  7. Got my first App published: "Congratulations Mike Ryan of m|Ryan Designs! MTG Synergy has successfully passed certification for Windows Phone Marketplace! You may now publish your application to the Marketplace."
  8. I am pretty sure there aren't many into the Post Metal scene here on the PdN forums, but I am currently listening to Weight by ISIS. For those who don't know what Post Metal is, I'll let someone else describe it for you: "This style is the metal counterpart to the style of "Post Rock". One common definition of Post Rock is "Music which uses Rock instrumentation for Non-Rock purposes". This also applies to Post Metal: The heavily distorted guitars - which are a trademark of Metal - are often use for texturing/layering rather than riffing, creating calm and mellow music. This doesn't mean that there is no traditional riffing at all ... but even then it happens at a slow pace and is often interspersed with extended calm and mellow parts." I have been in the scene for about a year now, and let me say this: ISIS, Neurosis, Pelican, Cult of Luna, and the Red Sparrows are the best of the best.
  9. Yeah, all of these were a study into shape and color. All of them have a carefully crafted balance and color harmony that I attempted to achieve. I am happy they are well received! Two more since you guys like them:
  10. AP Art is a highschool course that - should you score high enough - allows for college credit at most major universities in the United States. Want more? Here is another one:
  11. Here is another AP Art piece that is one hundred percent Paint.NET. This is actually part of my concentration, so I have a ton of similar pieces. Hope you guys like it!
  12. @himself22: Windows 7 is as rock solid as any operating system that has ever come out of Microsoft. I can say with 99% confidence that the problems you are facing are coming from one of three things: faulty hardware, shoddy third party driver software, or lack of care for the computer in terms of keeping the software clean and using virus protection.
  13. None of these should break in future releases unless there were major revisions to the plugin system. These are pretty fault=tolerant plugins made in CodeLab.
  14. No. I no longer support these plugins. Sorry!
  15. My god, men. I drop by and post one little thing about Ash and I feed the same kind of answer Rick would have served about Paint.NET v4, and next thing I know I am sweet cheeks in a fight club.
  16. Development for Paint.NET v4.0 is coming along nicely, and I am sure there is a public alpha release somewhere on the horizon. As for Ash, his life became very hectic and he dropped Paint.NET along the way.
  17. They are trying to buy links directing to their page to increase their ranking in search engines, especially Google. This is usually deemed 'black hat SEO' and can't legally be frowned upon, however it isn't good practice SEO. They are more than likely being serious in trying to get you to accept their ad, so it is entirely up to you.
  18. I have been listening to the album F♯A♯∞ by Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Very good, solid post-rock.
  19. First, sorry for bringing back an old thread. Alright, so I am going to have to join Rick and Pyrochild here and recommend Battlestar Galactica. I wasn't expecting much, and the fact that it was a SyFy series kind of scared me. BUT I found it to be fantastic! Acting is really solid, it never feels repetitive, storyline is interesting, and the overall story archs are well planted. Special effects are pretty good for TV. I think the major reason I enjoyed it so much is its versatility. Sometimes it is strictly science fiction, other times it will be very political or military fiction. I think you'll frakkin' love it
  20. I was just drawing a transparent gradient. Perhaps I drew it too quickly? I do not know. Let me know if this could be in anyway related to memory issues.
  21. Well, after trying it out this plugin is much better then the one both of us released two years back.
  22. Yes! One of my most requested plugins. Thanks a ton, Pyro!
  23. I find Sheldon to be the most comical of the characters. My favorite part of the show is that they are always making fun of Howard for not holding a doctorate degree, even though Howard is the only one that is doing real world work that immediately benefits humanity.
  24. Not gonna lie, my least favorite part of being captain of the robotics team? Programming in LabVIEW: http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c114/the_numbers/ihatelabviewlots.png
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