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  1. I've used it before plenty of times to help friends and family members over the years. I'd at least give it a shot before wiping your data Also, I've removed the link now that you've got it.
  2. Err, this is a bit shady and I apologize to the mods if this isn't allowed, but Jim I highly recommend this: [removed]
  3. Forum activity is relative to major Paint.NET releases. Since there hasn't been an update in some time, forum activity is slowing down. I expect that as 4.0 is released we'll see a spike in posts.
  4. Great writeup! Definitely a lot of issues to consider when thinking about implementing some kind of advertising plugin in the installer.
  5. I've always kind of wondered why Paint.NET never employed something like OpenCandy in the installer instead of advertisements on the homepage. It seems like Rick could make some steady income off of it. Plus, it would monetize the users who are already Paint.NET users through updates.
  6. My copy is about 25% downloaded as of writing. I wanted to play on release day, but deadlines got in the way. If you want top hop in a game once you've got your copy up and running my BattleTag is MikeRyan#1892
  7. It's crazy, isn't it? I will be hitting five years in just a few short months.
  8. Try pasting the transparent letter onto a new layer. You can create a new layer by clicking on the :AddNewLayer: button.
  9. It sounds like you want to be able to change the image's dimensions but not actually distort the image in any way, is that correct? Perhaps you are wanting to Crop the image or adjust the image's Canvas Size?
  10. Thanks for the link to KrisVDM's version. It aligns without a 1px offset. And I look forward to the CodeLab source later today.
  11. The Panelling plugin is a big part of my workflow. What is your simpler plugin? Speaking of rolling one's own version of a plugin, I want to rewrite the aging Align Object plugin. The 1px offset in both directions can be quite irritating.
  12. What state do you live in? I didn't feel like I was challenged much during my time in public schools, however for high school I went to my state's magnet school for math and science: http://www.asms.net It was still technically a public school so it was free to attend and it was WAY more challenging. It made my freshman year at university feel like a breeze.
  13. I used to deal with issues like these until I started using Dropbox for my academic work. Now I use Dropbox and Google Drive to really make sure that there is a copy of sensitive documents SOMEWHERE in the cloud.
  14. So here I am taking Physics for Engineers and doing well and whatnot. We finish out third test and look at that! I have a 75 in the class and a 80 with attendance extra credit! Great! So I decide to actually do my homework and study for the final. With the homework now turned in and an 85 on the final, my grade before the attendance extra credit was an 87. With the extra credit? 88. Apparently the extra credit is scaled with your grade. I think I deserve that A With a B in Physics and Ethics, this semester's GPA is pretty sucky.
  15. It seems like the window you drag over (after moving the selection being drawn) takes focus. This is letting me change tools, undo, move layers, etc before finalizing the drawing of the selection. This also causes the Rectangle Select Tool's cursor to not revert to the 'ready to create a selection' state.
  16. Currently, if your canvas is larger than the viewing area and the Tools / Colors / History / Layers boxes are above it (like this: bit.ly/HRlzsg), it is possible to use the Rectangle Select tool to create a selection that extends beneath those windows (like this: bit.ly/I1Dz5U) However, if I change the selections position by holding down both Left Click and Right Click simulatenously, I can't actually extend the selection beneath the floating windows. If I try to, then I can't release the selection without changing tools. Sorry for the poor articulation of the problem. Hopefully it made some sense as this problem can cause some bumps in my work flow.
  17. If there is just a white background, I recommend checking out this tutorial: For anything more complicated, check this tutorial out: http://www.isimonbrown.co.uk/cutting-out-images/ Hope this helps! If you need any more help in the future, I recommend trying out the Search functionality as many members have posted excellent advice on many common operations performed in Paint.NET.
  18. Thanks! However, that signature was over a year old. I've gone ahead and added a new one. Sometimes people deserve to be punished, and I feel like it is quite fair that a person only be prosecuted once for a crime. It is the responsibility of our court system to get it right the first time. It doesn't always work, but it has had a pretty good track record thus far
  19. We in the US are fortunate to be protected from double jeopardy.
  20. I am hoping it means that we can copy a flattened version of the image to our clipboard. That'd be pretty rad.
  21. I am a little disappointed. The other themes (Cethin in particular) are now completely broken and the heavy amount of AJAX makes the forums a bit less mobile device friendly.
  22. Thanks a lot, everybody! You guys are great.
  23. I imagine the professional voice acting is done by BoltBait?
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