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  1. I tried this out, but I didn't have drop shadow, so I used bevel selection instead... Not quite as good.
  2. My attempt. I adjusted the axis and the lighting color. I really liked this tutorial. One of the few I have been able to finish on the first attempt. Thanks for posting!
  3. a couple of the tutorials say to the effect 'go to effects>render>fire!' (with exclamation point.) I got effects>render>fire (no exclamation point) Could someone tell me the difference, because when I try to follow along, my results are not the same. Thanks.
  4. This looked like so much fun, I had to try... Yes, I know that the real ads have the image in all black, but I really liked the way it looked with the blue showing.
  5. cool tutorial. I tried it with a Arctic Cat..... and made a Kitty Cat...
  6. Theon|804 ... thanks for that link. I'm going to try it out. It would be nice to actually catch Mew instead of using the game shark cheat. BTW... Have you found the trick to get Celebi to appear in Ilex Forest? Every trick I try fails. Yes, I finally gave up and used the gameshark code, but, still, I want to actually find it. I'm weird, I know.
  7. I'm kinda disappointed i didn't get a mention, but not surprised. Everyone else did great jobs. Congrats max power for winning. I'm already started planning the nature/tech picture I want to create.
  8. here's my submission. no stock photos used, just fooling about with I'm sure someone else will come up with something better. Just hoping for a honorable mention for the newbie.
  9. ok, so, I was looking at and there was a bunch of pictures people had made of celebrities that they had either made extremely skinny (anorexic) or super large (obese). I was wondering if anyone here knew how they did that?
  10. I've have played the original versions for gameboy (red, blue, and yellow) many many many times. If you are looking for mew, she is only on the green version sold only in Japan. I know, I tried every trick to get mew in red blue or yellow, none of which works. (curses! foiled again!) Anyway, if you do have the green version, you get mew by finishing the whole game, (all the way thru the pokemon championship). Let the credits roll thru, then when you restart at your home, go to the second city, where the boat is, walk in the area where the boat is, do not board the boat, walk back out but don't walk by the guard on the dock, just far enough to switch screens. Watch the boat leave without you on it. Walk back out to the end of the dock. (Where the boat was.) You will be in a room that has a walkway around the edge, and a pickup truck by the door. Walk behind the truck and push it aside. There will be a pokeball. Touch it and you get a battle with mew. Use a master ball to capture her. She escapes from anything else. You need MewTwo to battle her as she can instantly K.O. any other pokemon, regardless of level, resistance, or type. Again, this only works in the Japanese green version. In the American version, you can still go to the same area, but when you move the truck, you only get a regular potion. (Disappointing.) I have also heard rumor that she is hidden in the black Team Rocket version, but have no ideal how to get her in that one. Also, I seem to remember some trick you could do to get up to 99 of any item, but can't recall how its done. If I think of it, I will post it.
  11. Hello all. I just wanted to say thank you to all the tutorial and plug in writers here. I've learned a ton of new tricks and techniques.