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  1. Nice Job on the bevel :wink: Could you release the source code? I would like to see how you implemented this.
  2. Hmmm... expand the canvas, use the plugin, and crop the image. That should work. Let me guess... you put the amount to 22 and it crashed.
  3. lolz I'm 13. And I think being 13 might be worse than 12, since you are entering the "dark age"... lol... Btw, highschool starts in a week... will it be any better than Elementary School?
  4. I can't set versions to dll files because I'm using codelab. You know, I only have Visual Studio .NET 2003, and I can't make any plugins with that.
  5. I think I fixed the uneven anti-alias (which was causing either low alpha not anti-aliased, or high alpha got too blured) on alpha gradient. Phew! I hope we don't have any more bugs! Also, added a menu icon!
  6. I think my plugin now works equally well on any alpha values. I've fixed the "dark outline" bug.
  7. The plugin can yield superior smoothing results on any kind of shapes if you are willing to let the object to grow 10+px on the edges. @Ash That's pretty good. You use the antialias plugin for the highlight and the bluish-green shape? or did you just motion blur them? Btw, there's one thing this plugin cannot do, and that is smoothing a very thin line (1px or even 2 px) while keeping it thin. However, I don't think that's ever possible.
  8. Here's a simple work around: Just create a bigger image, and after anti-aliasing, crop to the correct size. The bug only appear on the edges, and so if you chop out the edges, it would look just fine. Btw, I hope I've made the task simpler instead of complicating things even more.
  9. Make the canvas size bigger (but center the object), antialias it, and then crop it. That should reduce the problem. Then, you can just brush like 3 or 4 pixels if you are a perfectionist. The bug appeared because it is impossible to determine which way the line is going without looking at further pixels.
  10. Play around with the options before jumping to conclusions: Amount: 9 Strength: 926 and turn off "soft border" I got this:
  11. I remembered when the gradient tool and the recolor tool was added. Before that, in the times of 2.6~2.8 we had to draw rectangles and blur them to make gradient. Also, the program icon was changed at 3.0. It didn't look too good in the previous versions.
  12. I wish Rick Brewster would be kind enough to host the forum on his server. That way he can install and customize the forum any way he wants... Also, with him being the creator of Paint.net, we might even be able to display PDN files in the forum!
  13. I discover Paint.net a year ago. I think it was at 2.6 or 2.8
  14. BIG UPDATE! 1. FULLY fixed transparency bug. If you turn the outline off, then semitransparent stuff should be smoothed like any other objects! 2. Add "soft outline" option for edge enhancement. Turn it off if your image has very light colors. Enjoy!
  15. Updated: added the "strength" slidebar, and expand the "Amount" slidebar to 30 You should now be able to do the "true" feathering (low strength) as well as anti-aliasing (high strength). Left: amount 13 strength 669, Right: amount 5 strength 985 The "strength" should be kept above 900 if you want clearcut, solid anti-alias. The higher it is, the clearer the anti-alias, and 990 will produce pixelated results. The "amount" is expanded to 30. Anything above 30 is freaking slow because calculating the average of 1000 surrounding pixels (about 32x32) for every pixel on the screen isn't a ver
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