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  1. Hmm.. How about NanoTech, or MicroTech, or NanoSoft, or Successa Soft, or adhanberrySoft , or I dunno..
  2. True! TPBM likes my tutorial:
  3. FiNGOLFiN, were you talking about Gladi8or2's sig or my sig?
  4. You should be able to do this without the rounded rectangle. Just use the frosted glass with the scatter radius of 2 pixels. Sorry it took so long to reply, BTW.
  5. I used rounded rectangle, and then I used 2 pixel frosted glass effect. And then I used a drop shadow with a something blur radius. I don't remember the exact blur radius and stuff, but I did use a drop shadow after rounded rectangle and 2 pixel frosted glass effect. EDIT: LilRedneck, much better! 9/10
  6. I kinda liked your old sig. I don't know why. Ha ha. you wanna rate my sig?
  7. Paint_boy, 9/10. (There's always more room for improvement as one of my old teachers once said; he never gave 100s.)
  8. Andrew D, this is for you. Oh, and yours is a 6/10. It doesn't really catch my attention. Needs bolder colors or something..
  9. Hello, EcKo. Welcome to the Paint.NET community. I'm sorry on the late welcoming. I've been kinda busy lately. If you need anything or have any questions, feel free to PM me or email me. I'll try to get back with you ASAP.
  10. LilRedneck, actually you do have a sig. You just don't have an image in your sig. Oh yeah, and I rate it a 7/10. Don't ask me why though. I guess it's because you have no image.
  11. Ha ha! I know. I never really liked the pixel sig bars anyway. I just did it cuz everyone else was. I finally have a new sig! It's quite plain, but that's what I was aiming for.
  12. MRavioli, ?. I don't really personally know too many people on the PDN forums. Who were you talking about? Adhanberry or Namiyoshi?
  13. I guess you aren't from southern Mississippi then...
  14. Well I congratulate you on your creation being 100% PNET. (Pronounced pea-net. Not pea-dot-net.)
  15. Namiyoshi, it is just really plain and there's nothing artistically amazing about it; however, you don't have to be an artist to make "artistically amazing" pictures. Plus, the gray is boring..and the different fonts look stupid. You could've at least used fonts that didn't come on your computer. 2/10
  16. Did you draw that using lines in Paint.NET or how'd you do it?
  17. CHOCOLATE CHIP!!!! Gmail or, oh wait, nothing compares to Gmail!! I guess I'll have to think of something else: White gravy or brown gravy? EDIT: This is my 123rd post!
  18. False, sorry BB, but there's nothing outstanding about your sig. TPBM likes fried chicken. EDIT: Shoot, I forgot you were a moderator. Your sig nice.
  19. The person above you!!!!!!! True or False
  20. Postal Worker IE (Internet Explorer) or FF (Firefox)
  21. Gosh, pyro, that really would suck if it actually did just pop up and say "You are missing something."