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  1. Yep, just got told that twice now lol.. Thanks :wink:
  2. Yeh lol, but im on another phpbb forum too
  3. How can i make the image in my signature a link?
  4. Ah.. I will moan at my cuzon later then lol He is teaching me, and i just noticed that its ALWAYS 92.00, and got a little confused :wink:
  5. I was just wondering, shouldn't the default Resolution be 72.00 ? Afterall, that is the best Resolution for all to view, is it not?
  6. Sorry for not using the Search tool, i forgot about that.. But thank you so much for that BoltBait!!
  7. First off, i didn't know where this would fit in, so i just put it here.. Okay, so, how can i create a plugin? Whats the base of a plugin? Does a plugin just do some steps its told to? Or is it an effect someone has created?? Because i'd love to start creating some Plugins, just i have the smallest problem ever, i dont know how lol.. So if someone could help, i would be very thankfull :wink:
  8. Great! I love this Tutorial!! :wink: Here's mine :-
  9. Heres mine :- Hehe, i think it came out quite well for my standards, and what with all me getting mixed up with whats what lol
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