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  1. I've got something to be happy about... I finally got a car! It's a 2003 Toyota Corolla and it's colored Desert Sand Mica (a.k.a. gold).
  2. Oh, just local. We're just a small town (we're not really a town, just a community) in Mississippi.
  3. Today is Friday and high school football games are on Friday nights! I am proud to say that I am a member of my school's marching band. (We're all superior, too! That means that we've always made ones at contest! ALWAYS!) I'm just happy because I get to march and play tonight. Just thought I would let everyone know... Oh yeah, and I'd like to say that tonight's game is going to be good.
  4. The same is true about me. I only looked at the Tutorials. I may have scanned the rest of the forum once or twice to see what all of this was about, but I mainly hung around in the Tutorials. (FYI: I was about to use the word hanged, but I decided not to after I looked it up. Hanged is the past-tense form of "hanging" (as in dangling a body from a rope around the neck). Hung is the past-tense form of the other "hanging" (as in to loiter).)
  5. Now, that's not very nice...but I would have to say that I agree.
  6. Now, it's me and a guest. Woo! Hola, guest. How is you on dis fine day today?
  7. Ah... I didn't know that. Now, I know.
  8. Nestle? I thought we were talking about Cheerios?
  9. You've never heard of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios?! :shock:
  10. David, do you like Honey Nut Cheerios or just regular Cheerios? Between those two, I'd prefer Honey Nut Cheerios. As a young child, I probably could not have survived without those.
  11. Must.......have......pie........ :shock: Pie.......looks........gooodd!!
  12. Ah, I must wait until I show everyone. You may make an avatar as you wish, but I will be making my own avatar for my new signature this time. Hmm.. The "s" in "signature" looks funny. Oh well.
  13. Hmm.. Interesting.. That's nice, but I liked the white fonts (like in my signature). I changed my mind about an avatar now because I'm currently making a new signature.
  14. Rubrica, I can't think of one. Do you have any ideas? Or does anyone at all have any ideas for an avatar? I want it to relate to my signature, but I don't really know what I could put. Maybe a brown leaf...? Oh, and I'm happy today because I'm out for Fall Break! This is the first year our school has introduced a Fall Break; we usually just have Thanksgiving Holidays and Christmas Holidays and the usual holidays.
  15. Haha.. I honestly knew that was there, it's just that maybe some people might not have noticed. Wait a sec...I don't even have an avatar.
  16. :shock: I'm sorry, but I usually don't like those items in my breakfast cereal. I like the Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal!!! Mmmm... Or I eat biscuits plain. I don't really like jams, jellies, etc. on my biscuits for some odd reason. However, I do like butter on my biscuits! (I'm from Mississippi...if ya haven't noticed with the butter and biscuits and whatnot (and as Rubrica mentioned, under my username).)
  17. I do have to admit. louster200's signature is kind of "crazy" as in shaking and flashing uncontrollably. louster200, we've seen almost all effects Paint.NET has; we don't need you to use all the effects at different times for your signature. Thank you, though.
  18. Wow.. I don't really like muffins that much. I don't know why. I like do-nuts as my breakfast pastry. (Would muffins be considered possibly a breakfast pastry?) I'm happy because I'm in school and today's mid-term week and I just aced my English test and I'm in computer class with nothing to do!! (Was that too much to read/comprehend? That sure was a big sentence.)
  19. He he.. Sorry, pyro. I made some cool (well, in my opinion they're cool) Vista buttons using your plug-in. I posted a picture of them in the Pictorium. Here's a link to the page where I posted the pic: http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewt ... start=6150 My post is at the very bottom.
  20. You want to "Save File As..." and you're going to save it in the Effects folder. Usually, this is at C:/Program Files/Paint.NET/Effects. Once you save it in that folder, close Paint.NET and then open it again to see the file. Does this help?
  21. Yeesh, Paint_boy! That Paint Boy font is hideous! Sorry. Everything else looks great though. *I wonder why...? Oh yeah! I made it.* I like the "proud user & supporter" gradient though.
  22. This is an awesome tutorial. It doesn't much relate to Paint.NET, yet just images in general. If it did relate to Paint.NET more (such as creating an actual image or something of that nature) then it would most definitely be Sticky'd.
  23. pyrochild, this is a great plugin. I'm glad someone finally wrote it. I can definitely see myself using this plugin quite often.
  24. So.. You could make a plug-in? Just with a different name?
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