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  1. Ah... I didn't know that. Now, I know.
  2. Nestle? I thought we were talking about Cheerios?
  3. You've never heard of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios?! :shock:
  4. MattBlackLamb, have you looked at the message you posted? The color tag got jumbled up with the other stuff. I don't know if you've noticed this or not. EDIT: Okay, well never mind the previous text.
  5. David, do you like Honey Nut Cheerios or just regular Cheerios? Between those two, I'd prefer Honey Nut Cheerios. As a young child, I probably could not have survived without those.
  6. Must.......have......pie........ :shock: Pie.......looks........gooodd!!
  7. :shock: Sozo, what theme are you using?! I love it!
  8. Ah, I must wait until I show everyone. You may make an avatar as you wish, but I will be making my own avatar for my new signature this time. Hmm.. The "s" in "signature" looks funny. Oh well.
  9. Hmm.. Interesting.. That's nice, but I liked the white fonts (like in my signature). I changed my mind about an avatar now because I'm currently making a new signature.
  10. I like it, MadJik. If it wasn't for the black, however, I don't think I would like it is much for some reason.. I just like black stuff.
  11. Rubrica, I can't think of one. Do you have any ideas? Or does anyone at all have any ideas for an avatar? I want it to relate to my signature, but I don't really know what I could put. Maybe a brown leaf...? Oh, and I'm happy today because I'm out for Fall Break! This is the first year our school has introduced a Fall Break; we usually just have Thanksgiving Holidays and Christmas Holidays and the usual holidays.
  12. Haha.. I honestly knew that was there, it's just that maybe some people might not have noticed. Wait a sec...I don't even have an avatar.
  13. :shock: I'm sorry, but I usually don't like those items in my breakfast cereal. I like the Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal!!! Mmmm... Or I eat biscuits plain. I don't really like jams, jellies, etc. on my biscuits for some odd reason. However, I do like butter on my biscuits! (I'm from Mississippi...if ya haven't noticed with the butter and biscuits and whatnot (and as Rubrica mentioned, under my username).)
  14. Oh, and EvilNeko, I don't really like your sig only because it looks like you really didn't need Paint.NET to make it. Do you know what I mean? It just looks like you pasted a violin on a black background and typed your name. If this wasn't a Paint.NET forum and was a general, non-photo-editing-program forum, I'd rate your signature a: . Unfortunately...this is a photo-editing-program (Paint.NET) forum, so I'd have to rate your sig a: I don't really have much advice except for be creative with your design and try not to use images from online (or elsewhere).
  15. [70] The Legend of Zelda series [40] The Metroid series [40] The Super Mario series I really like the Zelda Series. The Super Mario series I like, but it is starting to get a little bit too old. I mean I know they keep coming out with new games, but it's just still boring/old.
  16. [60] The Legend of Zelda series [45] The Metroid series [60] The Super Mario series These are all my favorite, but I believe I like the Zelda series the most and the Metroid series the least.
  17. The cursive-type font is called Scriptina. The other one is Lucida Grande. It (it = Lucida Grande) comes with (if I'm not mistaken) all Apple computers. (I could be mistaken, however.) Oh, I like your signature. It's different. It's a little crazy with all the lines, but not too crazy. I'm really not crazy about the font that the "51" is in. RATING: 7/10
  18. Sharky, I really like the green picture. The blue picture is a bit too blurry. How'd you make the green one, exactly (or generally)?
  19. I do have to admit. louster200's signature is kind of "crazy" as in shaking and flashing uncontrollably. louster200, we've seen almost all effects Paint.NET has; we don't need you to use all the effects at different times for your signature. Thank you, though.
  20. Wow.. I don't really like muffins that much. I don't know why. I like do-nuts as my breakfast pastry. (Would muffins be considered possibly a breakfast pastry?) I'm happy because I'm in school and today's mid-term week and I just aced my English test and I'm in computer class with nothing to do!! (Was that too much to read/comprehend? That sure was a big sentence.)
  21. [65] The Legend of Zelda series [35] The Worms series [15] The Elder Scrolls series [25] The Command and Conquer series [45] The Metroid series [55] The Super Mario series Zelda (especially Twilight Princess for Wii) rocks! I enjoy this series for absolutely no reason other than it is exciting.
  22. "TheVoid"..... Interesting. I like it because it's simple. I like simple things. 9.9/10! (I don't believe in perfection. :wink: )
  23. Oh.. I didn't know there was that type of a plug-in. That makes sense now. :oops: BTW, I almost forgot to rate your sig. I don't really like how it looks almost "hand-made". It would look better if you used some more solid colors and possible some "gloss". 6/10.